Boss fights are supposed to be the most challenging battle in the game, which often requires all the skills and resources you have been acquiring over the course of the game. However, sometimes the developer just overkills it and makes the fight way longer than it needs to be.

In this article, we would list out some of the longest boss fights ever in video games history:

10 – The Immortal One (Lost Odyssey)

Lost Odyssey Immortal One

The first boss to kick off this list is The Immortal One from a lesser-known RPG named The Lost Odyssey. This game is more or less a traditional Japanese RPG, with players forming parties, go on an adventure and fight bosses. The only thing that’s wrong about The Immortal One is his imbalanced HP value comparing to the strongest attacks of the player. Even with a high-level team, you would have to chip away at his health over and over until the end. The clunky menu and slower animation do not really help – you would need over an hour to beat this boss.

9 – Nyx Avatar (Persona 3)

Persona 3 Nyx Avatar

Persona 3 is the first persona game of the newer wave, and because of that, it retains quite a few characteristics of its predecessors, unlike Persona 4 and 5. The final fight in Persona is a prime example of a classic SMT boss fight – the Nyx Avatar could take over an hour to beat or even more, depend on the difficulty you are playing in.

The Nyx Avatar has 14 phases, each with different strengths and weaknesses and a separate health bar (so that you can’t just perform Armageddon to one-shot it). If you are unlucky, your various attacks could be nullified, absorbed or even reflected back. The damage of the previous 13 phases are decent, but at her last phase, you would be greeted with a big surprise. The last form has a special attack named Night Queen, which inflicts random effects including charm. If one of your party members is charmed, they might even heal her back to full HP.

8 – Abyssion (Tales of Symphonia)

Tales Of Symphonia Abyssion

Not only is this guy hard to fight, but it also takes forever to gather the required items to fight him. Those items are called Devil’s Arms, and they are scattered all over the game world, with each being a quest or boss fights.

The reason that Abyssion is such an annoying boss is that he is able to scale based on your party and even copy your spells to use against you. Because of that, the better your party is, the harder the fight would get. If you manage to retrieve all the needed items, it is best to prepare before turning them in, as the boss fight would begin immediately and would take over an hour to complete.

7 – Yiazmat (Final Fantasy XII)

Ffxii Yiazmat

The Final Fantasy Series is famous for some of the most amazing bosses in the video game world… and some of the worst, most tedious ones too. Yiazmat is the most tedious boss in the game, with over 50 million HP, which would take quite some time for your party to cut down. The worse part, however, is his second phase when under fifty percent HP: all your attacks would be reduced to 6.999 damage, which would make the fight much longer than you expected.

You need to be careful when fighting him as well – he frequently cast a spell that recovers 100% of his total HP pool, which would effectively reset the fight. You would definitely need more than an hour of constantly playing to beat this guy, assuming you never let him heal.

6 – Boss Rush/Yami (Okami)

Okami Yami

Okami’s final boss is pretty unique, as it would summon all the bosses you ever faced in the game for you to fight a second time. And there are a lot of them.

Once you have fought and defeated all the bosses in the game a second time, Yami would appear to fight you with her various forms. While this fight is not too hard or complicated, you would have to fight constantly for like two or three hours.

5 – The End (Metal Gear Solid 3)

Metal Gear Solid 3 The End

This is probably the only fun fight in this list, despite the time it would take to beat the guy. The End is a sniper that would constantly stalk you throughout the game. Equipped with a gun that shoots tranquilizer darts, he would pretty much appear out of nowhere to ruin your day.

The hard part is to find the guy – and when you face him, it would be a super hard challenge of patience and stealth. It usually takes about two to three hours to beat the guy.

4 – Adamantoise (Final Fantasy XV)

Ffxv Adamantoise

Similar to the first boss in this list, Adamantoise comes equipped with nothing but an ultra-high HP pool. It would take a lot of patience to bring his five million HP down, as even if you are maxed level and gear, the fight would last for about three to four hours. The original plan was for this boss to last 15 hours, however.

At least defeating him would give you really good drops, unlike the other bosses who are just additional challenges.

3 – Pandemonium Warden (Final Fantasy XI)

Ffxi Pandemonium Warden

The first Final Fantasy MMO, Final Fantasy XI, comes with some of the most powerful bosses in the series. At the time it was released, Warden was the game’s ultimate challenge. The first clan who tried to defeat it spent about 18 hours only to give up afterward.

After a while, Square Enix finally decided to tone down the difficulty – along with a two hours despawn timer to force the player to defeat the boss in only two hours. The toned-down version still sported a big health bar along with 20 different forms.

2 – Absolute Virtue (Final Fantasy XI)

Ffxi Absolute Virtue

Yet another boss from the first Final Fantasy MMO, Absolute Virtue is pretty much the final boss of the game. The average amount of time that players have to spend to defeat the thing is about thirty hours, with the developers trying to patch out any method to defeat the thing as they see fit.

After a wave of bad press about artificial difficulty, the stats of the boss were scaled down, and the previously mentioned 2 hours limit is also imposed. Along with the level limit for players getting increased from 75 to 99, the boss fight has become easier nowadays.

1 – Yggralith Zero: Xenoblade Chronicles X

Xenoblade Chronicles X Yggralith Zero

This is a world boss that requires the participation of every single player in the game to take down – it has millions of health bars, and each time its defeated would remove one bar.

Getting to fight Yggralith is not an easy thing to get done either, as it usually takes several months to spawn. Taking the thing down would usually take from five hours to a week, based on the number of players who are playing the game.

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