During the recent Minecraft Live 2022 event, Mojang revealed a number of new features scheduled for the upcoming Minecraft 1.20 patch. It will come out sometime in 2023 - based on the release pattern, we might get the patch in January, as major updates usually come out every half-year.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 5 new features to be added in Minecraft 1.20.

1. New Sniffer mob

Based on what was revealed in the trailer, the mob can sniff and discover ancient seeds in the Overworld. It is likely that players can control them using seeds, similar to how the allay is controlled. Apparently, they are an ancient mob that had become extinct in the Minecraft world.

This means the mob won't spawn in the overworld and players have to spawn them by their eggs. Players can find the mob's eggs inside loot chests found in underwater ruins in the oceans. Looks like there will finally be a purpose for exploring the ocean ruins.

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The mob is completely friendly. While players can't tame sniffers, they can use them to search for seeds in the area. Players can quickly use the seeds these sniffers found to grow plants. The developers have already confirmed that ancient plants won't have any use in the game other than decoration.

2. New Skins

In order to bring natural diversity and representation to the game, Minecraft has added 7 new default character skins. They will be featured in the upcoming 1.20 patch and used in future official videos and trailers.

Minecraft Newskins

Three of those new skins are Sunny, Efe, and Noor, who first debuted in trailers for Minecraft: The Wild Update. The other new skins are Makena, Kai, Ari, and Zuri. They'll all be available through the Minecraft Launcher and Dressing Room.

3. Hanging Signs

Hanging signs are a new variant of signs that can be crafted using chains and signs. You can place them anywhere, even on the side and bottom of a block. This gives players more options for decoration.

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For the most part, hanging signs operate much like standard signs. Players can input text, including certain hypertext, onto the signs and display them. Everything that works with normal signs will also work on hanging signs.

4. Bamboo Wood and Rafts

Mojang revealed that players will soon be able to use bamboo to craft another new variant of wood. It is going to have all the functions a normal wood block has. Players can use bamboo wood to craft bamboo planks, blocks, and more.


Additionally, bamboo wood can also be used to create bamboo mosaic blocks, which have horizontal and vertical bamboo designs. They are going to be great decoration materials and can also be converted into stairs and slabs.


Not to forget, you can also use bamboo wood to craft rafts in the game. They work just like boats in Minecraft but are more open looking in appearance.

5. Chiseled Bookshelf

It looks like Minecraft is finally getting functional bookshelves that can actually store books. After crafting a chiseled bookshelf, you can store regular and enchanted books in them.


They can also interact with Redstone components in the game. Through the use of a Redstone Comparator, players will be able to construct a Redstone circuit that shows them which book in a given Bookshelf block was the last to be interacted with.

There are a lot of applications for this, with the most obvious one being secret doorways.

6. New Camel mob

Fans have been asking for camels to be added to Minecraft for quite a while, with numerous mods adding them to the game. And now, Mojang has finally taken the chance to introduce the mob into the world of Minecraft.

Minecraft Live Camel
The two-player feature will let one drive the camel while the other attacks from range.

As expected, camels will only spawn in desert biomes naturally. They are going to be the largest ridable mob in the game - by riding it, you are pretty much immune from hostile mobs, even at night time. A tamed camel can carry two players at the same time - players can tame and breed them with cacti, creating a baby camel.

Camels are also taller than horses, elevating players higher than some mobs' attack ranges

Unlike horses, camels can't deal with complex terrains. They are much slower if you have to maneuver obstacles frequently. Fortunately, they also come with a special dash ability that gives them a burst of speed - this allows camels to cover flat areas such as the desert much faster. Players can jump over obstacles and even ravines with the dash boost.

It's unclear if camels will be able to carry storage items like chests, just like a real life camel. Mojang might reveal additional details about the desert-dwelling mobs in the future.

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