Minecraft's End Dimension is the final frontier of Minecraft, which is only available after players beat the Ender dragon. It is a dark, space-like dimension consisting of separate islands in the void made out of end stone.

There are a lot of useful items to find there, and in this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 5 most useful items to farm in Minecraft End Dimension.

1. Elytra

The Elytra wings are a high-end item that only spawns in end ships, which in turn can be found hovering over end cities. It allows players to fly and glide. Similar to the Dragon head, Elytra also spawns inside the flying ships found in End cities. They can be repaired using phantom membranes, an item looted from the undead mob phantom.


Elytra are equipped in the chest slot. They are grey by default but will adopt the design of any cape the player is currently wearing. Their in-world texture design cannot be changed, even when broken or enchanted.

2. Shulker shells

In comparison with a regular chest, a shulker box adds an extra level of convenience by remaining 'intact' (with all of the items still inside of it) when it is broken. Players can store shulker boxes inside their inventory to increase its size.

Crafting a Shulker Box is actually super easy. You only need two ingredients: Wood for chests, and Shulker Shells.

Be careful fighting these guys in high places -their bullets can inflict the levitation status effect.

While getting wood is easy, acquiring Shulker Shells, on the other hand, is pretty tricky. They only drop from Shulker - a hostile mob that is exclusive to the End City. So, in order to obtain Shulker Shells to make the Shulker Box, you have to defeat the Ender Dragon first.

3. Ender Pearls

An ender pearl is an item dropped by Enderman that can be used to teleport. This ability is always useful and can let you get out of sticky situations. Players can farm Ender Pearls in the End, where there are a lot of Endermen spawning.

Ender Pearl Minecraft 2
Ender Pearl in Minecraft

Ender Pearl also has certain other benefits, such as locating strongholds and creating Eyes of Enders, which are both useful in order to get to the End and beat Minecraft.

4. Chorus flower and fruit

A chorus plant is a plant-like feature that generates in the highlands of the outer End islands. They consist of chorus plant blocks and chorus flowers. The player can grow a new chorus plant by planting such a flower on a block of end stone.

Breaking a chorus plant will drop chorus fruits. They can be cooked to make popped chorus, which is a component for making End rods and purpur blocks.

Chorus Fruit In Minecraft
Chorus Fruit in Minecraft is a rare item that can be crafted into a light source.

5. Dragon's breath

The dragon's breath can be obtained by scooping up the ender dragon's attack residue into an empty bottle by right clicking the pool with the bottle equipped. This means outside of the dangerous process of collecting the breath, players can farm it for as long as they want.

Players can use these breath bottles to craft lingering potions.

Dragons Breath
Dragon's breath

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