In order to give Minecraft players as much time as possible to consider the options for the upcoming mob vote, Mojang has decided to release the new mobs periodically. The first candidate for the Minecraft Live Mob Vote, the Sniffer, has just been announced.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase everything you need to know about the new Sniffer mob and whether or not it is worth voting for.

While there are still two more options yet to be revealed, the Sniffer already looks like a strong candidate to win the event.

About the Sniffer

Yesterday, Mojang reminded Minecraft players of the upcoming live stream on October 15. The short teaser asked the involved characters to solve the mysteries of the mobs prior to the stream. They hinted a bit about the function of each new mob.

Afterward, they shared the first official teaser for the Sniffer.

In the video, Tiny Jens and Tiny Agnes investigate the mystery from the previous teaser by looking into the eggs that had shown up in ocean ruins:

"These are Sniffer eggs. I thought they were extinct. Oh, they aren't birds at all. The Sniffer is an ancient mob. They loved plants and found seeds by sniffing the ground in the most adorable way."

They also mentioned the potential for new plant seeds, as currently there are only 6 types of seed for the Sniffer to find.

Should you vote for the Sniffer?

It looks like the Sniffer is going to be similar to the Allay in the previous mob vote - it will be a mob that's purely helpful to the player. It is likely that players can control them using seeds, similar to how the allay is controlled.

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The mob is completely friendly. While players can't tame sniffers, they can use them to search for seeds in the area. Players can quickly use the seeds these sniffers found to grow plants or create a farm.

Overall, unlike the Allay, the Sniffer's function is rather limited. Growing plants have always been easy in Minecraft - players don't need their help at all.

In-game mob vote

The Mob vote is one of the most anticipated parts of a Minecraft Live event. Usually, players would get to pick between three different mobs to add to the game. The 2021 version of the mob vote was a battle amongst the Glare, Allay and Copper Golem.

As the vote was held on Twitter, it is easily abusable - players can create clone accounts and cheat the vote easily. This time, Mojang is going to add the mob vote straight into the game's official launcher, which all users have access to. A new section titled “Minecraft Live” will be added and players will be able to vote straight from this tab.

This means unless you have multiple accounts with Minecraft, you would only be able to vote once. This ensures that the vote would be fair and only Minecraft players who bought the game would be able to vote.

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