Villages are one of the best generated structures in Minecraft. It is filled with villagers and resources, which open up a lot of options for players. They can either round up all the villagers to create a trading farm or let them work on your food fields. The chests in the villagers' houses are full of valuable loot as well.

However, it is actually not easy to find a village. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 5 best biomes to find villages in Minecraft.

There are 5 village styles: Desert, Plains, Savanna, Snowy and Taiga.

1. Desert

While in real life it is unlikely to find a village in the desert, in Minecraft, villages actually have a high chance to spawn in this biome. The desert is an uncommon and expansive warm biome mainly consisting of sand.


Survival in deserts can be difficult early on as the desert has virtually no resources of its own. If players spawn here, finding a village is a must. The only desert water sources are villages, desert wells, rivers and aquifers.

Additionally, players can often find desert temples near desert villages.

2. Plains

Plains villages are pretty much the most common type players can find in Minecraft. This is because plains are the second most common biome, with Forest being slightly more common.


Locating a plains village near spawn will ensure you have an excellent start. Overall, the biome is fairly convenient for base building, as the large expanses of unobstructed land make them perfect for large-scale building projects.

3. Savanna

The savanna is a common warm biome. It typically generates bordering a desert or plains biome, and has three variations total. It is a flat, low-elevation plain with scattered trees.


Survival in the normal savanna, along with its plateau variant, is generally easier than other biomes. The acacia and oak trees provide a decent source of wood, tamed horses can allow for fast travel and outrunning hostile mobs, tamed llamas can serve as useful pack animals.

4. Snowy

The snowy plains is a snow-covered grassland biome in the Overworld that usually generates near other snowy biomes.  Villages that generate on snowy plains are made of spruce wood, snow blocks, ice, blue ice and packed ice, which blends with the land fairly well.

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Survival in snowy plains is quite difficult due to the sparseness of the biome and the lack of animals. Villages are the only source of cows, sheep, pigs and horses in this biome.

5. Taiga

Taiga villages are beautiful, built with darker wood to match the sea of spruce trees found around them. Taiga villages often contains pumpkin farms and trading post.

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It is a great biome to start and work into the endgame in Minecraft. There are large trees everywhere, which makes gathering wood a breeze. Furthermore, players can tame wolves for attack purposes and catch rabbits for rabbit farms. There are also podzol blocks that allow mushrooms to grow regardless of light levels.

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