The final mob of the Minecraft Mob vote 2022 has just been revealed by Mojang - the Tuff Golem. Players will be able to choose between the three mobs during the vote on October 14. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase everything available so far about the new mob.

Whoever wins the vote is likely to get added during the 1.20 update.

About the Tuff Golem

In the trailer, the Tuff Golem is described as:

"Wait a minute, they must be Tuff Golems! I had only heard rumors about the statue that comes alive... That explains the hats moving! They can hold an item and move around."

Afterward, the characters mention that they would be able to open an art exhibition if the Tuff Golem wins. It appears that these golems can change from their "statue" state and move around if needed.

Tuff is an underground block that was added in the 1.17 update. Similar to a lot of stone blocks, it currently has no other uses than for building. With the addition of Tuff Golems, more builds would be opened up and players will try to farm for this block. It is highly likely that the block itself is going to be used to craft the golem, similar to snow and iron golems.

Should you vote for the Tuff Golem?

This is the second golem to participate in the mob vote, after the copper golem last year. The copper golem was supposed to give players another reason to use copper, but it failed in the end, only finishing second.

A cave made from Tuff

Overall, the Tuff golem's usefulness is going to depend on the type of items it can hold. If they can only hold decorative items like paintings, players won't have much use for them.

About the In-game mob vote

While the previous voting events in 2017, 2020, and 2021 were held in the form of a poll on the official Twitter account. As the vote was held on Twitter, it is easily abusable - players can create clone accounts and cheat the vote easily.

This year's event will feature completely different options:

Minecraft Launcher

This is the first and most common method of participation. All players who own Minecraft would get one vote each. This ensures that the vote would be fair and only Minecraft players who bought the game would be able to vote. Minecraft launcher method would be available for all PC users, both Bedrock and Java.

A new section titled “Minecraft Live” will be added below Minecraft Legends in the launcher and players will be able to vote straight from this tab.

This ensures players the ability to vote even if they don't have access to Minecraft on their devices. Players can just visit the official Minecraft website and log into their Microsoft account to vote.

Similar to the first method, this also eliminates clone accounts to ensure fair voting.

A special Bedrock Edition server

Bedrock players get it the best, as this is one of the most unique ways to handle the mob voting event so far. Players on the game’s Bedrock Edition will be able to join a unique server where they’ll be given the opportunity to vote for the mob they want to see in the game.

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