Mojang has just announced the second mob to be part of the 2022 Minecraft Mob Vote. It is called the Rascal. The first candidate in this year's Mob Vote, the Sniffer, was revealed yesterday.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase everything you need to know about the new Rascal mob and whether or not it is worth voting for.

The upcoming Mob Vote will be held on October 14 - 15, 2022, and is a part of Minecraft Live.

About the Rascal

Minecraft's Rascal reveal video shows Tiny Jens and Tiny Agnes venturing into the Overworld's cave system. They explore a mineshaft deep below the earth, then stop at a particular point. Afterward, Tiny Jens asks Tiny Agnes if this is where she previously saw a new mob - as he says this, a small creature pops up from the far side of the Mineshaft.

It is startled and runs away when Tiny Agnes points to it. Afterward, the two named the mob "Rascal". Below are its characteristics:

  • The Rascal is a neutral mob that does not attack the player. They can be found in caves anywhere below Y level 0.
  • Its appearance is a bit unique. The Rascal has pale, graying skin and holds something that works as a backpack.
  • Its behavior is pretty mischievous - the mob is obsessed with playing hide and seek. It will try to hide from the player if discovered.
  • However, if the player manages to find it three times, the Rascal will reward them with an enchanted pickaxe.

It is unclear if the Rascal would yield any other item, as in the video it only gives the two travelers with an enchanted iron pickaxe. Additionally, players might be safe from the Warden when encountering this mob.

Should you vote for the Rascal?

Overall, while the "hide and seek" mechanic of the Rascal might be exciting, the Minecraft cave generation is rather random. If it spawns in a small cave, there is nowhere to hide. Players can just box the mob into an area and set it up as a pickaxe farm.

Minecraft Enchantments Pickaxe The Best
The best pickaxe in the game.

The reward from the mob, an enchanted pickaxe, is both useful and useless at the same time. For example, if you manage to find the mob early on, with a good enchanted drop such as silk touch, your Minecraft journey would be much easier. However, if you do not encounter it until much later, there would be no use for an enchanted pickaxe as you might already have it.

In-game mob vote

While the previous voting events in 2017, 2020, and 2021 were held in the form of a poll on the official Twitter account. As the vote was held on Twitter, it is easily abusable - players can create clone accounts and cheat the vote easily.

This year's event will feature completely different options:

Minecraft Launcher

This is the first and most common method of participation. All players who own Minecraft would get one vote each. This ensures that the vote would be fair and only Minecraft players who bought the game would be able to vote. Minecraft launcher method would be available for all PC users, both Bedrock and Java.

A new section titled “Minecraft Live” will be added below Minecraft Legends in the launcher and players will be able to vote straight from this tab.

This ensures players the ability to vote even if they don't have access to Minecraft on their devices. Players can just visit the official Minecraft website and log into their Microsoft account to vote.

Similar to the first method, this also eliminates clone accounts to ensure fair voting.

A special Bedrock Edition server

Bedrock players get it the best, as this is one of the most unique ways to handle the mob voting event so far. Players on the game’s Bedrock Edition will be able to join a unique server where they’ll be given the opportunity to vote for the mob they want to see in the game.


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