Horror games and combat have always been closely linked, providing players with tools to protect themselves while navigating through ominous environments and encountering hostile entities. Whether wielding a steel pipe or a firearm, these weapons provide limited respite from the constant onslaught of fear.

When it comes to first-person shooter horror games, many immediately think of titles like F.E.A.R. and Doom. However, there are numerous other games in this genre that deserve recognition. Even when armed, summoning the courage to explore every corner and enter each new room remains a daunting challenge.

1. Doom (2016)

Doom stands as one of the most enduring first-person shooter game series, making a compelling case for being one of the greatest FPS series ever. The game features the beloved character, Doom Guy, as he battles his way through swarms of demons, accompanied by excessive splatter gore and an array of creatively designed weapons. The backdrop of a thunderous heavy metal soundtrack intensifies the player's sense of empowerment.

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While the capacity of Doom to frighten players is open to debate, its aesthetics, adversaries, and storyline revolving around vanquishing a demonic onslaught threatening humanity certainly incorporate elements of horror. Nevertheless, the primary allure of this blood-soaked extravaganza undeniably lies in its enjoyable and action-packed gameplay.

2. Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 is widely acclaimed as Capcom's return to survival horror, reintroducing players to confining spaces and dim corridors, emphasizing the essence of survival horror. This installment initiated the Winters' storyline, commencing with Ethan's journey to the remote regions of Louisiana in pursuit of his missing wife, who reappears after three years of disappearance. Along the way, he confronts the deranged Baker family, unraveling the truth about them.

Resident Evil 7 Will Bring You The Most Haunting E
Resident Evil 7 

Even though the Winters' saga appears concluded, RE 7 remains cherished by fans for its grindhouse horror style and the chilling antagonists that instilled fear in players. The game's bold decision to adopt a first-person perspective, departing from the traditional over-the-shoulder view, sparked debates among fans but ultimately proved to be a welcomed change, intensifying the game's oppressive atmosphere.

3. Bioshock

Submerged in the once picturesque city of Rapture, Bioshock tells the tale of a protagonist navigating the now dilapidated and sunken metropolis, overrun by Splicers and the fearsome Big Daddy. Forming an alliance with the enigmatic Atlas, who serves as his guide through the labyrinthine underwater tunnels, the protagonist is compelled to follow orders until confronting Andrew Ryan. Ryan divulges the truth behind the protagonist's existence amid the game's narrative.

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In the realm of first-person shooters, Bioshock stands as an outstanding achievement, characterized by seamless gameplay, a consistently excellent aesthetic, and just the right dose of horror induced by the deranged and hostile Splicers, alongside the formidable behemoths known as the Big Daddies.

4. F.E.A.R.

The F.E.A.R. series stands as one of the premier titles in the realm of first-person shooter horror games. Its inaugural installment marks the genesis of this spine-chilling saga, focusing on the FEAR group, an acronym for First Encounter Assault Recon. The story revolves around this team sent to apprehend a rogue psychic operative. However, their mission takes a complex turn when Point Man, one of the operatives, discovers the presence of Alma.

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Featuring engaging shooter gameplay and an abundance of adversaries thrown at players, F.E.A.R. is not only one of the earliest but also one of the finest first-person shooters. It introduced Alma, one of the most iconic horror villains of all time, leaving a lasting impact even on those who haven't experienced the game firsthand.

5. Metro 2033

The Metro game series delves into a world rendered uninhabitable, where the remnants of humanity seek refuge in underground metro tunnels to survive. This premise, disturbingly realistic, is not the sole source of fear in the game. Radiation has mutated some individuals into dangerous mutants, posing a threat to the surviving humans.

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Metro 2033

In Metro 2033, the story follows Artyom, a survivor and the adopted son of the station commander. He is enlisted by Hunter, an elite ranger, to aid in protecting their home station from the Dark Ones, enigmatic creatures capable of inflicting psychic harm on their victims. Players must summon immense courage to confront the perils lurking in the tunnels, and even greater bravery when venturing to the surface.

6. Clive Barker's Undying

The creative mind behind the renowned horror film series Hellraiser has ventured into the gaming world, resulting in the hidden gem Undying. Just the mention of his name would attract horror enthusiasts, and those daring enough to delve into this horror first-person shooter would be in for a terrifying experience infused with Barker's distinct and eccentric style of fear.

Clive Barker's Undying

Clive Barker's Undying tells the story of occult expert Patrick Galloway, who is enlisted by his friend Jeremiah Covenant to employ his specialized skills in breaking a curse that has befallen Jeremiah's family. The Covenant family has been succumbing to madness and death, and now it falls upon the player to unravel the truth behind the curse's claims and discover a way to save the remaining survivors of the family.

7. Cry of Fear

Originating as a mod for Half-Life, Cry of Fear evolved into a standalone game, introducing a terrifying first-person experience that garnered praise from indie horror game enthusiasts. The narrative centers around Simon, who regains consciousness in an alley after a car accident. Attempting to find his way home, he becomes ensnared in a nightmarish realm where menacing creatures roam dim corridors, attacking relentlessly.

Cry Of Fear
Cry of Fear

While resembling a psychological horror game akin to Silent Hill, Cry of Fear allows players to equip themselves with weapons for self-defense against the monsters. Alternatively, players have the option to lure the creatures, finding a way past them without direct confrontation.

8. My Friendly Neighborhood

In the unusual but oddly satisfying blend of Bioshock and Sesame Street, My Friendly Neighborhood presents a group of adorable yet surprisingly frightening puppets residing in an old closed-down TV station. Strangely, the station, dormant for years, begins broadcasting mysteriously. Handyman Gordon is dispatched to investigate the unexpected broadcast and to put an end to it.

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What starts as a routine task takes a dark turn when some of the puppets turn hostile. Gordon is compelled to defend himself by wielding a gun that shoots letters and using tape to fend off their nuisance. Despite its playful appearance, this charming game manages to evoke fear in unexpected ways.

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