Creative Assembly has announced the next entry of the Saga Series, “A Total War Saga: Troy”. The setting of this game will be the Greek Heroic Age in which the battle for Troy occurred. For a general idea of what the period would be like, please check out the reveal trailer below.

In the age of legend and myth when legends walk the earth, it only takes a single act for a world-shaking conflict to spark. Prince Paris of Troy abducts beautiful Helen from the palace of Sparta. As they sail away, king Menelaus, Helen’s husband, cursed their names and swear to bring his traitorous wife home no matter the cost.

The main campaign map of TROY is revealed

Ruler of Mycenae, King Agamemnon, hears his brother’s call. He calls for his banners and summons all the Greek heroes from far and wide, chief amongst them are Achilles, Odysseus, and Ajax. The host then set course for Troy - for war, pillage, and slaughter. With that, on the field before the mighty city of Troy, legends would be born….

The heroes will play important roles in battles

Using Total War’s intricated system of turn-based world management and the terrific real-time battle system, the player would get to experience the Great Trojan war on both sides’ perspective. Step into the shoes of the great commanders of the war and overcome your opponents through strategy, diplomacy, and war.

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The grand battles are an essential part of the Total War experience

A playable version of A Total War Saga: Troy was available for playtesting at PAX West, and initial receptions from players are great. According to Creative Assembly, they are going to give the player full control over the theatre of war, with multiple winning conditions available, from diplomatic alliances to asking favors from the gods. The game will be released for PC in 2020.

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Mount Olympus, where the gods reside, makes an appearance in the game

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