You might have known about Twitch Plays, a range of channels where different people come together to play a specific game normally played by only one person. Obviously, it can become really chaotic, yet sometimes it turns out to be better than you think. For example, back in 2016, Twitch chose to play Punch Club and finished the whole game in just 36 hours, passing over developer’s anticipation without much effort.

At the moment, Twitch’s choice is Teamfight Tactics, an auto-battler based on League of Legends from Riot, and it’s having a decent work. Viewers can control through the consensus of commands, so that their character can perform various in-game activities, such as buying, selling or moving. Some other commands allow players to access to the store for a wide range of champions, utilize stunts, and keep being mobilize by hitting end-game buttons.

Tft 1
Above: Teamfight Tactics

The one who set up this channel seemed to be doubtful about its potential at first — given the !continue command’s description relates to the hitting of continue button displayed on winning interface once players finish the game — yet everything is still running smoothly so far. Teamfight Tactics features the similar ranking system to League of Legends’, ranging from lowest Iron to the most prestige Challenger, each tier is separated into four minor ranks, and Twitch Plays is at Gold 4 now.

How To Play Teamfight Tactics League Of Legends Fe
Above: Teamfight Tactics

Personally, I’m not sure exactly how much effort they put, the 16% winning rate at the moment sounds hardcore for me. Yet Gold 4 is the middle position within the ranking board, a lot better than I had ever achieved by myself — and it only began to run on Saturday.

Twitch Plays’ success may relate to the considerably small number of players: As far as I know, it’s approximately 200, a small number compared to the quantity of Twitch audiences. But be patient, there’s a lot of space and time to grow and many ranks await to be reached.