About Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus is an epic post-apocalyptic shooter from 4A Games. Explore the shattered ruins of Moscow and take on an epic journey across Russia in a post-apocalyptic world. The game promises to bring you on the greatest Metro adventure yet. It perfectly blends deadly combats and stealth alongside exploration and survival horror. In fact, Metro Exodus possesses one of the most immersive worlds a game can ever create.

Metro Exodus
Metro Exodus is an extraordinary shooter from 4A Games.

About the incident and Valve's response

However, the first-person shooter is not coming to Steam as expected, but to its rivalry: Epic Games Store. Its official launch is on Feb 15th, and remain exclusively there until 2020. In reacting to this horrible news, Valve did not keep quiet at all. Metro is not the first game that the Epic Store locked down since last December. We can easily name other big games like Ashen, Hades, and Super Meat Boy Forever, which are all on the shelf of Epic Games for now.

Metro Exodus Wallpaper 1
Explore the Russian wilderness in a vast, detailed environment and follow a thrilling story-line.

For your information, this seems to be a last-minute move. Why? Because Metro Exodus has already been available on Steam for pre-ordering. Yesterday Valve did post a notice on the game' Steam page. In this post, Valve expressed their apologies towards Steam customers who expected the game to come out mid-February. The company wrote that it was an unfair decision, given that the game had been through a long pre-order period. Valve also said that they only had little time to inform everyone about this.

Metro Exodus
Metro Exodus is definitely an epic first-person shooter to be excited for.

Steam pre-orders will still be honored

On the other hand, Steam pre-orders will still be rewarded with bonuses, DLC as well as expansion passes. Metro Exodus Publisher Deep Silver said that the game will on Steam after Feb 14th, 2020. Additionally, Deep Silver noted in an email statement that future DLCs for Metro Exodus will be simultaneously out for all platforms. This, however, suggests a possible situation to arise: Metro Exodus won’t be coming to Steam, instead, its DLC will.

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