The Internation 9 was only concluded a few months ago in August, Valve has already announced the dates for The International 10 Main Event next year. According to the official Twitter page of DOTA 2, TI 10 will be held on August 18-23 at the Ericsson Globe, Stockholm, Sweden.

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The International 10 will be held in Europe from August 18 to August 23

Every year, The International is the main attraction of all DOTA 2 fans and the final battles between the best DOTA 2 teams in the world from everywhere to determine which team is the best of the year. The International is also known for its enormous amount of prize pool. In fact, it has been the tournament with the highest prize pool since 2011 and has been continuously breaking its own records every year. In fact, when TI 8 only get a $25 million prize pool, no one could have thought that TI 9 would surpass it. And yet, TI 9 witnessed an insane increase and ended up with a $34 million prize pool. Will TI 10 be the first TI to have a lower prize pool than its previous one?

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TI 9 gathered a total of $34 million

TI 10 will be hosted in Europe, so we can expect to have a more quality event than TI 9 without delays and dysfunctions. Europe is also the strongest region of DOTA 2 right now with all the top tier teams such as Team Secret, TI 7 winner - Team Liquid (now Team Nigma), TI 8 and TI 9 winner - OG.

Indian Cosplays Ti9 01 D580 F42a_wm
Treant Protector cosplay

Apart from the competition between DOTA 2 teams, The International 10 is also expected to have a cosplay contest for all cosplayers around the world. In The International 9, 2 Indian cosplayers have won $3,000 and $1,500 for dressing up as Treant Protector and Legion Commander.

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The Outlander update has almost changed DOTA 2 completely

In the latest Outlander update, DOTA 2 added neutral items, outposts, 2 new heroes Snapfire and Void Spirit, and lots more other changes to the game as well. This huge update has almost completely changed the game and the way players play it, promising a brand new and fresh year for DOTA 2 competitive scene with many twists, turns, and unexpected results.