Axolotl is a lovely fish mob in Minecraft having five different types represented by five colors. What is rare Axolotl Minecraft? Let's find out the answer to this question and learn how to get it.

I. What Is Rare Axolotl Minecraft

Axolotl is an adorable fish with various types. There are five types of Axolotl, including pink, gold, cyan, brown, and blue fish. The blue Axototl is the rarest type of this fish with a minimal spawn rate of 0.083%. The four other type shares an equal spawn rate of 24.98%. It means that only one out of 1200 baby Axolotls has the ultra-rare blue color.

Blue Axolotl
The Blue Axolotl is the rarest among the five types of this mob.

II. How To Get Rare Axolotl Minecraft

It's tough to get the Blue Axolotl in this game. You have to breed two Axololt and pray for a Blue Axololt baby. Go to catch two buckets of tropical fish to feed two adult Axolotls. Check out some tips to increase the chance of getting this rare species.

#1. Building pool

Build a large pool to raise and breed this fish on your farm. It would be best if your farm or pool is near the spawning biome of the tropical fish for quick feeding. Create a Breeding Pool to organize your Axolotl mobs and increase the chance of obtaining blue Axolotls.

You should build a deep pool and fill it with water. To prevent the fish from escaping, make sure the water surface is lower than the ground at least one block.

Build A Fish Pool
You can build a pool on your farm to raise and breed Axolotls.

#2. Catch Axolotls for breeding

When your raising pool and breeding pool are ready, catch some adult Axolotls in the wild for breeding. You need at least a pair of adult Axolotls to breed. Wild Axolotls are only found underwater in the lush cave biomes. They only spawn above the clay blocks.

Bring pairs of Axolotls to your home pool and feed them with tropical fish. Go to the following biomes to catch tropical fish for your domesticated Axolotls.

  • Warm/lukewarm/deep lukewarm ocean;
  • Lush cave;
  • Mangrove swamp.

After feeding them, you can get the bucket back to get more tropical fish.

Catch Tropical Fish
Catch tropical fish in warm ocean biomes to raise Axolotls.

#3. Group Axolotls in pairs

You had better divide your pools into smaller rooms and raise two adult Axolotls in each room. This animal will multiply quickly from the first pair of Axolotls. Prepare tropical fish and breeding pools for offspring pairs. Mass breeding increases the chance of getting the rare blue fish.

In about 1200 baby Axolotls are born, there will be one blue Axolotl. There is no trick to increase the spawn rate of this super-rare animal. So, you should be patient and breed Axolotls as fast as possible.

How To Breed Axolotl
Catch Axolotls in the wild and bring them home to raise and breed.

It's challenging and slow to obtain blue Axolotls from breeding. But it's also the only way to get this rare species in Minecraft. Be patient to get this reward.

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