Throughout its development, Minecraft has seen the introduction of numerous biomes designed to enhance the game's immersive and captivating environment for exploration and construction. These biomes span a diverse range of living environments; while challenging biomes such as the Ocean or Desert can pose difficulties for players starting a game, others can significantly ease the initial stages of gameplay.

Players seeking an optimal survival experience in Minecraft should consider biomes based on factors like abundant resources, minimal threats, and unique advantages. Here, we've compiled a list of the most favorable biomes for players embarking on a survival run in Minecraft.

1. Mushroom Field

Undoubtedly, this biome stands out as the best living space in Minecraft, and it's also incredibly rare to come across, let alone begin the game in. Here, you'll discover unique creatures called Mooshrooms, essentially cows that yield mushroom soup when milked. The biome is home to villages and abundant large mushrooms.

Mushroom Field
Mushroom Field

The only drawback is the absence of trees, requiring players to venture out and collect saplings to establish a tree farm. However, the significant advantage is that hostile mobs won't spawn here either above ground or underground. In fact, the only hostile mobs allowed to appear are from mob spawners, making it the safest biome for Survival Minecraft players.

2. Giant Tree Taiga

Giant Tree Taiga biomes serve as an excellent starting point and remain useful even in the later stages of the game. The abundance of large trees simplifies the process of gathering wood, and the presence of numerous wolves offers opportunities for taming, enhancing both defense and offense. Additionally, foxes can be utilized in a pinch, and there's an ample supply of rabbits for rabbit farming.

Old Growth Taiga Biome
Giant Tree Taiga

A distinctive advantage of Giant Tree Taiga biomes lies in the plentiful podzol blocks. These unique dirt blocks allow players to cultivate mushrooms regardless of light levels. Although they require a silk touch pickaxe to move, they can serve as a valuable food source.

3. Snowy Taiga

Snowy Taiga biomes might not appear ideal at first glance, but they offer significant advantages for survival, both in the early stages and later in the game. The abundance of snow allows players to swiftly create impromptu snow castles, and the snowballs can serve as makeshift ranged weapons when needed.

Minecraft Snowy Taiga
Snowy Taiga

In addition to plentiful trees for harvesting, there are opportunities to tame wolves for safety. Once players establish a pumpkin farm, they can create Snow Golems. Moreover, these biomes occasionally feature naturally spawned igloos, which make excellent houses complete with built-in furnaces and beds. Establishing a wheat farm can be challenging due to water blocks freezing, but this issue can be resolved with the use of torches.

4. Plains

For gamers seeking expansive, open areas for building, plains biomes are the top choice. These vast fields provide ample space for large projects and offer easy defense against hostile mobs, as most of them will burn up in the morning sun due to the absence of shade.


Players can locate horses to navigate the vast expanse, and donkeys are excellent for carrying items. Typically, there's at least one village nearby, and bee hives in these biomes are perfect for honey or sugar farming. The only drawback is the scarcity of trees, but once players establish a tree farm, this becomes a minor concern.

5. Jungle

Jungle biomes are a treasure trove for survival players, offering invaluable resources not found anywhere else in the game. These biomes boast colossal trees adorned with vines, melons ideal for automated farms, ocelots providing protection against Creepers, parrots serving as warning systems, and bamboo serving as an excellent fuel source for smelting.

Minecraft Jungle

However, the dense foliage and trees can pose dangers, especially with Creepers blending into the greenery. Yet, players can manage the risks by having a parrot accompanying them and either constructing a tree house or having ocelots safeguarding the base. Additionally, Jungle pyramids offer substantial loot, provided players can navigate and solve their booby traps and puzzles.

6. Savannas

Savannas are expansive plains with scattered acacia trees. The openness of these fields allows for easy detection of hostile mobs, as there is little shade provided by the sparse trees during the day. One of the significant advantages of savannas is that they are home to various animals such as cows, horses, sheep, and llamas.

Minecraft Savanna Village Seed

Locating villages is straightforward, and many players often create caravans with llamas for trading purposes. The only drawback of this biome, and the reason it doesn't rank higher, is that harvesting trees can be cumbersome due to their diverging branches and towering heights. Nevertheless, for building and transporting substantial materials, this biome stands out as the best living environment in Minecraft.

7. Wooded Mountains

Wooded Mountains pose a threat due to the steep cliffs where players can accidentally fall, but this mountainous biome offers several advantages. Underground bases constructed within the mountain sides are considered among the safest shelters in the game and significantly aid mining activities.

Minecraft Seed Meadow Mountain June 2022 3
Wooded Mountains

Spruce trees, especially their giant variants, are excellent for tree farms within this biome. Llamas, suitable for transporting large quantities of items, can also be found here. Moreover, this area is one of the rare locations where emeralds can be mined, enabling players to trade for valuable items in villages.

8. Dark Forests

Dark Forests consist of tall, dense foliage dark oak trees, providing players with plentiful wood. However, ground navigation can be intimidating due to shadows, attracting hostile mobs.

Forest Minecraft
Dark Forests

Thankfully, the thick canopy allows players to travel and construct structures on tree tops, a recommended and secure option. Large mushrooms also grow here, serving as a valuable food source. Additionally, Dark Forests are the exclusive spawning grounds for Woodland Mansions, offering valuable loot. Moreover, they are the sole source of Totems of Undying, provided players can defeat the Evokers and Illagers.

Normal Forest and Birch Forest are also good variants that can be used as alternate for the above forest biomes.

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