Picture yourself inside a dark cave, looking for valuable rocks, when all of a sudden, you end up in a spooky place full of skeleton creatures. You only have a digging tool, and you can't defend yourself from their dangerous attacks. It's time to figure out how to make a shield in Minecraft to stay safe and collect treasures. Making a shield is pretty easy. You need some pieces of wood and chunks of iron. In this guide, we'll also show you how to personalize and use your brand-new shield. Let's begin!

Items Required to Get a Shield in Minecraft

To make a shield in Minecraft, no rare materials are needed, which makes it a straightforward way to get some defense when you just start the game. These shields have a simple rectangular shape, but you can make them look special by adding your designs, and in some versions of Minecraft, you can even enhance their abilities with enchantments.

Shield In Minecraft
It's time to learn how to make a shield in Minecraft for your survival and loot gathering.

You will require:

  • A crafting table.
  • Six wood planks.
  • One iron ingot.

The crafting process remains consistent across various versions of Minecraft and is available in the standard game, so you don't require any mods to craft a shield.

Note: These instructions apply to various Minecraft versions, including Java Edition and PS4 1.9+, Pocket Edition, Windows 10 1.10.0+, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Education Edition 1.12.0+.

How to Collect Items to Make a Shield in Minecraft

As stated at the beginning, to make a shield in Minecraft, you'll need wood planks and iron ore. You can make wood planks from any type of wood, which you obtain by punching or chopping trees. Iron ore can be found anywhere from bedrock to slightly above sea level.

Below are steps to get wood planks:

How To Get A Wood Plank In Minecraft
1. Punch or chop trees to collect wood logs.

Tip: You only need two logs to craft enough planks for making a shield.

How To Get A Wood Plank In Minecraft
2. Open your crafting menu or crafting table, and position your logs in the center.
How To Get A Wood Plank In Minecraft
3. Move the planks from the upper right box into your inventory.

Tip: Planks are produced in stacks of four, so you will soon accumulate a significant number of them.

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How to Locate Iron Ore & Make Iron Bars

Iron ore is no doubt the most widespread ore in Minecraft world, and you might come across it in different locations. Search underground, starting from just above sea level and descending to bedrock. If you come across a natural cave system or a deep ravine, you'll frequently spot exposed veins of iron ore that you can mine. In addition, you can find iron bars in chests when you stumble upon a village, mine shaft, tower, stronghold, or sunken ship.

Here's the process for obtaining iron ore and crafting an iron bar for your shield:

How To Find Iron Ore In Minecraft
1. Find and mine some iron ore.
How To Make Iron Bars In Minecraft
2. Put iron ore and a fuel source like coal, charcoal, or wood into your furnace.
How To Make Iron Bars In Minecraft
3. Wait for the iron ingot to finish smelting. And drag it to your inventory.

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How to Make a Shield in Minecraft

After collecting the necessary items, here are the steps on how to make a shield in Minecraft. To craft your shield, arrange your planks and iron ingot in the crafting table as follows:

      1. Place the iron ingot in the middle of the top row.
      2. Place wooden planks on the left and right in the top row.
      3. Fill all three spaces in the middle row with wooden planks.
      4. Finally, put a wooden plank in the middle of the bottom row.
How To Make A Shield In Minecraft
Arrange your planks and iron ingot as shown in the image.

Once the crafting is complete, drag the shield to your inventory, and your shield is now ready for use.

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How to Make a Custom Shield in Minecraft

Once your shield is created, you can equip and use it right away as you would with any other equipment. More than that, you can decorate your shield for visual customization. To make a custom shield in Minecraft, you need a shield and a banner.

Just open your crafting menu and on the crafting table, arrange a banner and a shield like this:

How To Make A Custom Shield In Minecraft

And now, move the custom shield from the upper right box into your inventory.

Please note that this instruction applies exclusively to Minecraft Java Edition 1.9+. Other Minecraft versions do not offer support for shield customization.

How to Make a Banner in Minecraft

If you don't already have a custom banner, you'll need to create one before customizing your shield. This process is relatively straightforward, involving a stick and six pieces of wool to craft the banner, and then using a loom, a banner, and some dye for customization.

These instructions apply to all versions of Minecraft, but you can only utilize your banner to customize your shield in the Java Edition of Minecraft.

Check out the steps on how to make a banner in Minecraft:

How To Make A Banner In Minecraft
1. Open your crafting table menu and arrange six wool and one stick in this pattern. Then, drag the banner into your inventory.

Note: The wool used in this step must all be of the same color.

How To Make A Banner In Minecraft
2. Access your loom and within the interface, insert your banner, your dye, and then choose a pattern from the list.

Tip: The third box, located under the banner and the dye on the left side of the loom interface, is reserved for an optional 'banner pattern' item. These patterns can be crafted with paper and an item. For example, combining a Wither Skeleton Skull with paper will create a Skull pattern, which, if used, will add a skull and crossbones design to the banner.

How To Make A Banner In Minecraft
3. Confirm your choice of pattern, and drag it to your inventory.

Tip: If desired, you can dye the custom banner once more using the same method to produce more intricate patterns.

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