Despite its importance in surviving the dangers of Minecraft's world filled with zombies and creepers, wood is often neglected by players. For newcomers, whether they need to mine stone, defend against persistent zombies, or construct a comfortable home, wood is a versatile and essential material that can be obtained quickly. Currently, there are ten different types of wood blocks in Minecraft, including Bamboo, Oak, Birch, Dark Oak, Acacia, Spruce, Mangrove, Warped, Crimson, and Junglewood.

All Wood Blocks In Minecraft 1.20

This article aims to identify the most beneficial wood block in the game by examining its appearance, availability, and practical uses. By doing so, we hope to provide Minecraft beginners with an advantage against hostile mobs and expedite their progress in the game.

10. Crimson

Crimson is a type of wood that has a red hue and can be found in the Nether region of Minecraft. This dark, glowing dimension is home to tall crimson mushrooms that, when chopped, yield red stems that can be crafted into planks and used for various building materials. However, exploring the crimson forests can be dangerous as they are inhabited by Hoglins, who attack intruders.

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Although Crimson Stems can be used for crafting planks, doors, trapdoors, pressure plates, fences, fence gates, and more, their magenta-ish color has made them less popular among players who prefer natural-looking and aesthetically pleasing wood types. As a result, other wood options are often chosen over crimson wood.

9. Warped

The following wood type on our list is Warped Wood, which is found in the Nether region of Minecraft in forests with gigantic fungi. Endermans can occasionally be found in this biome, but it is generally considered one of the safer areas in the Nether dimension. While the stems from the Warped Wood can be collected easily, its unique texture makes it one of the least popular wood types in Minecraft.

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There aren't many blocks in the game that pair well with Warped Wood planks. Some players combine them with Prismarine and Acacia, but most players tend to avoid using them altogether. Warped Wood planks can be used to create doors, fences, fence gates, pressure plates, and trapdoors, the latter of which can be used as window panes with an abstract design.

8. Jungle

Jungle wood is a type of wood that can be found in the Overworld of Minecraft and is typically located in forest biomes. These tall trees yield a large number of logs when chopped down due to their height. Moreover, cocoa can only be grown on the stems of these trees, making them a valuable resource in the game. However, acquiring jungle saplings can be a frustratingly slow process, which makes growing a jungle wood farm time-consuming.

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Jungle wood has a brownish bark, but the wood itself has a light pink hue on the inside. While this light pink color can make it challenging to match with other building blocks, it pairs well with red granite blocks. The doors and trapdoors made from jungle wood planks have an old, rustic appearance. However, many players do not like the color of jungle wood and tend to avoid using it.

7. Acacia

Acacia is a type of tree that can be found in the Overworld of Minecraft, typically located in Savanna grasslands. The tall and abstract shape of the Acacia tree makes it aesthetically pleasing to the eye, especially when standing alone in a grassy field. However, like jungle wood, obtaining acacia saplings can be time-consuming, as the trees do not drop many of them.

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Acacia logs have a gray exterior but turn dark orange when stripped or turned into planks. These orange-colored planks can complement the appearance of dark oak wood and warped trapdoors. Doors and trapdoors made from acacia wood resemble old prison gates, due to their shabby design and bright orange color. Because of this, players tend to avoid using acacia wood, and only grow a few trees near their homes to hang lanterns from.

6. Mangrove

Mangrove forest is a recently added feature to Minecraft. These trees naturally grow in swamp biomes that are rich in resources, but they can also be grown in any biome in the game. Mangrove propagules can be easily collected from the leaves or branches of the trees. However, the tall canopy of the trees blocks out sunlight, making it an ideal spawning ground for hostile mobs.

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Mangrove timber has a dark red wine color. The doors made from mangrove wood have a beautiful design that complements white diorite, quartz blocks, and white concrete. However, mangrove trapdoors, fences, and fence gates have not gained much popularity among players.

5. Birch

Birch trees are a common sight in the overworld of Minecraft, and can be found in a variety of biomes, including plains and birch forests. When cut down, they yield logs and saplings, although since they are not very tall, the number of logs obtained is relatively small.

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Despite this, birch wood is a popular resource in Minecraft due to its versatility and natural appearance. It pairs well with smooth white concrete, and can add a touch of elegance when combined with glass or quartz blocks. Birch wood is also suitable for both modern and rustic building styles, and can be used to complement rough stone bricks or oak wood.

4. Dark Oak

Dark Oak is a commonly used wood for building medieval structures in Minecraft. These trees grow tall and provide a significant amount of logs and apples when cut down. They also drop many saplings, making it easy for players to grow multiple trees of this type. However, the thick canopy of leaves in dense Dark Oak forests makes them a spawning ground for hostile mobs.

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Dark Oak

The deep color of Dark Oak wood makes it an ideal choice for building the roof of a wooden house, constructing an ancient ship, or making old cabinets, bookshelves, and beds. It pairs well with other woods such as Oak and Spruce, as well as with white diorite. While some players may prefer lighter-colored Spruce wood, Dark Oak still has a large fan base in Minecraft.

3. Oak

Oak is a tree that has been in Minecraft since its early days and continues to be one of the most commonly used building materials. This overworld tree can be found in almost every biome, which makes it easy for players to gather. Oak trees are not typically very tall, so harvesting wood from oak forests is usually less risky.

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When oak trees are cut down, they drop logs, sticks, saplings, and apples. Like other types of wood, oak can be used to make doors, trapdoors, fences, and sticks. Its natural color makes it a versatile building material that can be used in a variety of styles, from rustic cabins to modern buildings. It also pairs well with other building blocks like stone and plants.

2. Spruce

Spruce is among the earliest trees that were added to Minecraft. These trees are found in highlands, hilly slopes, and mountainous regions. In the game, spruce comes in three different variants based on the height of the trees. When four spruce saplings are planted in a 2x2 block area, they grow into even taller trees.

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Spruce wood is the first timber in the game with a dark color. The rich brown color of spruce wood complements various building materials like cobblestones, mossy stones, stone bricks, chiseled stairs, stone blocks, and oak planks perfectly. Some players prefer spruce wood over oak wood since it provides more variety to their builds. Moreover, spruce wood is not too dark or too bright, making it a popular choice among many players.

1. Bamboo

Bamboo can be found in bamboo forests and jungles, and it is a renewable resource. It can be gathered using any tool or even bare hands, although a sword can speed up the process. To grow bamboo, players can plant it in soil, grass, podzol, or sand close to a water source, and its growth can be expedited by planting it beside other bamboo plants.

Minecraft Live Bamboo

Bamboo has multiple uses in Minecraft. It can be used as a reliable source of fuel for items like furnaces, smokers, and campfires. Players can also use bamboo to breed pandas and trade with wandering traders. Additionally, bamboo can be transformed into different blocks with distinct functions and properties.

One such block is the Bamboo Block, which is suitable for crafting and decoration purposes. It has a unique striped texture and a darker green color. To craft a Bamboo Block, players need to arrange nine bamboo stalks in a 3x3 formation on the crafting grid. Alternatively, players can also strip bamboo using an axe.

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