Wondering which new and returning mobs are present in Minecraft Legends? Don't fret, we have compiled a comprehensive list of all the creatures, critters, and monsters that you are likely to come across in the game. From Piglins making their way into the Overworld to forming an alliance with Creepers (yes, you read that right!), the game features many familiar faces from the original Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons.

The storyline of Minecraft Legends is a legend in itself, and it's hard to determine what's true and what's not after years of alteration. Some people find it difficult to believe that we once coexisted peacefully with the skeletons and zombies in the Overworld. However, working with these mobs will be crucial to saving the world when the game releases. So, in this strategy game, we've listed all the Minecraft Legends mobs - friendly or hostile - that you might encounter.

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Minecraft Legends Mob List

List of All mobs in Minecraft Legends

Here are all Minecraft Legends mobs we know so far:


  • Piglin Grunter
  • Piglin Runt
  • Piglin Bruiser
  • Piggo
  • Portals Guard


  • Action
  • Foresight
  • Knowledge


  • Creeper
  • Golems
  • Skeleton
  • Zombie


  • Beetle
  • Horse
  • Llama
  • Regal Tiger


  • Allay
  • Badger
  • Fox
  • Pig
  • Rabbit
  • Turtle
  • Wolf

Minecraft Legends Piglins

In Minecraft Legends, the Piglins are adversaries who have fled from the Nether and are attempting to seize control of the Overworld. While these mobs are familiar to those who have played vanilla Minecraft, they are distinct in Minecraft Legends and come in many different variations that may be unfamiliar.

Minecraft Legends Piglins

Up to this point, our understanding of Piglins in Minecraft Legends is largely limited to Piglin Grunters and Runts. These are diminutive, child-like Piglins with their own unique weapons and abilities. The weapons they wield are too large for their small frames, resulting in their attacks being unbalanced and somewhat comical. Despite feeling guilty about laughing at their awkward attempts at combat, it's essential to remember that they are the antagonists. Although their small size and clumsiness pose a challenge, their sheer numbers make up for it as hordes of these little Piglins are sent through the portal first.

Minecraft Legends Hosts

The introduction of the newly expanded Host mobs in Minecraft Legends is an ambitious move for the franchise. These Hosts, namely Foresight, Action, and Knowledge, are set to play a significant role in the game, marking the first time voiced mobs will appear in the series. They will guide players through the story and quest of Minecraft Legends, acting as the voice of the Overworld, ensuring that players maintain their unique characteristics while also providing skill trees for players to develop their abilities and resources.

Minecraft Legends Mobs Hosts Allays
Minecraft Legends Hosts

The Host mobs are not only unique due to their speaking abilities but also because they add a new and intriguing dimension to the lore of Minecraft and the Overworld. While Minecraft has always had compelling lore elements, such as the Ender Dragon and Ancient Cities, the Hosts, acting as divine spirits, may finally provide much-needed context regarding how the various realms and structures within Minecraft are interconnected.

Minecraft Legends Golems

Are these golems in Minecraft Legends a new addition or are they extinct, considering the game's past setting? Regardless, each golem is crafted from a specific Minecraft block and serves a unique purpose in battle.

Golems Plank Concept
Also called Plank golem

The Cobblestone Golem, though small and slow, packs a powerful punch in melee combat. While it may seem cute and content to live peacefully in the Overworld, its forced entry into battles has revealed its true strength.

On the other hand, the Grindstone Golem also delivers a strong blow, but its moves create distance between itself or allies and enemies by knocking them back. This ability is especially useful when you and your army are overwhelmed, or when weaker golems and allies need protection against enemy attacks.

The Mossy Golem acts as a support unit for your army, possessing a unique healing power. It sprays water in a circular motion, healing anyone within its range, making it an excellent pairing with the Grindstone Golem, which keeps enemies at bay while you heal.

Finally, the Plank Golem is a ranged attacker, functioning like a turret, firing projectiles at enemies at a rapid pace. As a wooden golem, it has minimal defense, and you must rely on its projectiles to fend off enemies.

Minecraft Legends Zombies

According to Minecraft Legends, one of the formerly friendly mobs that has become hostile in the game is the zombie. In this version of the story, the Overworld is a utopia where all the mobs coexist peacefully. The creators of the game have made sure to maintain consistency with the existing lore, so the zombies still burn in sunlight and can be protected with a helmet. To explain this, the zombies in Minecraft Legends wear farmer hats that serve as their protective gear.

Minecraft Legends Mobs Zombie
Minecraft Legends Zombies

Minecraft Legends Skeletons

Similar to the attention given to the zombies, the designers have also paid close attention to the skeleton lore in Minecraft Legends. The helmets that skeletons wear serve the same purpose as the zombies' hats, protecting them from burning in daylight. Skeletons are valuable allies in ranged combat, and having a group of skeleton fighters in your army will aid you in defending the Overworld from afar.

Minecraft Legends Mobs Skeleton
Minecraft Legends Skeletons

Minecraft Legends Creepers

In Minecraft, Creepers are typically known for their frightening behavior of exploding when they get too close to you. However, in Minecraft Legends, Creepers are on your side, just like zombies and skeletons. Instead of being a threat, Creepers can now be useful allies. You can use your army of Creepers to destroy structures and take down enemies by having them explode in your favor.

With all of these mobs available to aid you on your journey in Minecraft Legends, you'll have the support you need to push the Piglins back into the Nether. Additionally, there are some mobs that you can use as mounts, so be sure to check those out as well. And don't forget to prepare for the long journey ahead by knowing just how much time it will take to complete Minecraft Legends.

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