1win is a bookmaker's office that invites players with amazing abilities to earn money in a measured and virtuous way. It has been flourishing since 2016. 1win is the ideal place for anyone who wants to get a wonderful insight into all sorts of software, embracing slots, table games, scratch cards, and lotteries through instant play mode or through download.

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Main Features

The casino promises to offer personal customers an authentic paradise of pleasure, which contains the possibility of being confirmed by various properties. Between them - the presence of cryptocurrencies, which approves the security of payment methods, excellent help desk and countless big prizes. So that you are more familiar with all the offers and conveniences of the bookmaker, here are its properties:

Date of establishment 2018
License Curacao
Products Betting, Casino, Live Casino, Aviator, Movies, Trading
Language HI, RU, UA, AZ, KZ, KG, TG, MD, DE, EN, ES, PT, FR, IT, PL, TR, IN, ZA, ID
Bonuses First deposit 500%
Deposit limit Minimum INR 100
Software Mobile App, PC Client, Browser Version
Accept players from India Yes
Support 24 Hour Chat, Email, Phone Number

In this review of a casino with a dealer provided, you will flow through all the facets of the website. As a consequence, read on and enjoy.

Types of bets

A stake is a currency amount that a player bets on a particular sporting event. Trace is a list of odds on certain types of athletics offered by bookmakers. Final is the result of the held sporting action (match). All bets are divided into 3 main categories:

  • Single (such and double odds) - the simplest type. It consists of a single athletics event;
  • Express (this and systems) - more complex bets. Concluded on several sporting events;
  • Additional (author's) - bets on certain, specified details of the occurrence.

As you can see, everything is simple enough. If you scroll down below, you will see that there is a more detailed description of each of them in the article. And you should read on as well, because there shall be a lot more useful information.


There are two versions, read about them below:

  • Single is the simplest type of wagering. It consists of a single sporting event. Popular not only among beginners, but also among professional bettors. The winnings are calculated very simply by multiplying the bet by the odds. For example, you take INR 8214 on the match Liverpool - Arsenal with K=2. "Liverpool" wins and you take (INR 8214*2=INR 16428);
  • Double Chance. In this case, you can choose 2 out of 3 possible outcomes of the meeting. For example, a win for Liverpool or a draw. "Arsenal" should enter or draw.

In this case, your chances are doubled. That is how it is quite simple and straightforward.

Express and Systems

Expresses are hard bets. Derived from several sporting events that take place at approximately the same time. For example, you bet on matches Liverpool against Arsenal and Liverpool against Manchester United. In case both Manchester clubs win, your stake will turn on. This picture has the ability to include 10s of sporting events. And systems are more of a difficult composition of several bets.


Bets on certain or specific details of the event. For example, stake are placed on:

  • The first minutes of the match;
  • The exact score of the fight;
  • The author of the first goal and others.

Here are provided for you the main definitions in the world of wagering. Now you can choose your favorable options and achieve the desired result. Success and winning bets with your bookie!

Sports betting options

The options for sports wagering are quite wide. These athletics disciplines like soccer and cricket are in demand. Bookmakers have a virtuous position both in terms of abundance, such as the number of tournaments. But summer sports are more in demand, winter athletics are also not forgotten. It is also possible to create bets on cybersport action. Below is a clear table:

Football Cricket CS:GO Dota 2
Indian Super League Indian Premier League Point of Fire International
English Premier League Test Series Other Dream League
UEFA Champions League Discussion Summit I-League

Now you have the basic and key information. Make good use of it.

Cyber Sports Betting

By the way, it is imperative to mention these things as a remarkable lineup of cyber sports wagering. The bookmaker invites a line of stake on all sorts of cyber athletics disciplines, these as:

  • Dota 2;
  • KC:GO;
  • League of Legends;
  • Starcraft 2;
  • Rainbow Six.

Naturally, these are not all options. And especially in the long run, you should also understand that the company is constantly developing and improving. Therefore, various options will still be added.

Virtual sports betting

In addition to the usual sports and cyber disciplines, the office went even further and introduced a virtual wagering system. It is designed specifically for you to test your own fortune and analytical capabilities. At this point on the website there are 8 virtual games of different themes, in which you can create bets and select depending on your preferences. Between them:

  • Virtual Tennis;
  • Instat Football;
  • Slot machine races;
  • Virtual soccer pros;
  • Fighting;
  • English soccer;
  • Virtual horse racing;
  • All games GR.

It is mandatory to remember this section, because it really causes a storm of tempting and positive impressions. It is possible to say with certainty that the future is virtual sports.

Live betting

Gambler's office is increasingly working with the live wagering section. Due to the fact that it realizes that this is one of the most famous sections. This model of real time contributions invites users to outstanding qualities as compared to wagering before the match. Here you will get information about the games in actual timing. And also the probability to follow the event in real time. You'll be able to trade or hedge bets prior to the action, and they'll give a specific probability to respond. In addition to that, with the support of your bookmaker's app, you'll be able to comfortably create a stake in real time from any space, using your personal cell phone or tablet.