Casino games cover a wide range of games. While all are fun, many suit some people better than others. Pokies are popular with a huge audience for several reasons. This article will look into those reasons for pokies and other types.


Pokie Machines

Pokies have been wildly popular since they were invented in 1895 by Charles Fey. This popularity has only grown since that point. Even when they were outlawed by the United States in 1902, people did not lose interest.

Pokie Machine

Today they are considered such a part of casinos that running a casino without pokies is unheard of. The reason for this popularity is hard to pin down with 100% confidence, but it can generally be attributed to a few factors.

  • Simple to pick up
  • Addicting gameplay
  • Variety

Compared to many other casino games, pokies are simple. You can start playing immediately without understanding the rules. Not that I recommend that of course. Understanding the rules and mechanics of a game will help even with games of chance.

Another factor for their popularity sounds a little underhanded. The fact of the matter is that pokies are designed to keep you hooked. It is important to keep this in mind when playing. Be sure to place limits on your spending.

A third factor is the variety of pokies out there. You’ve got machines with only three reels, others with five, then you get into pay lines. They are what makes a simple game a little more complex. There are also several different jackpot styles.

Not only are there plenty of different rule styles for pokies there are also a wide variety of themes. You can find machines themed around nearly anything. There are machines themed after TV shows, movies, celebrities, mythology, and other more generic themes.

Online Pokies

As the internet grew, casinos started popping up online. Of course, this propelled pokie machines into the online space. Online pokies are the same game as their physical counterparts. Their popularity in this new medium has been growing in the past decades.

There isn’t much difference between offline and online pokies. One thing that sets online pokies apart is the bonuses. While physical machines do have bonuses they work a little differently.

Online bonuses are common throughout online casinos. The type and rules will vary from casino to casino. It is helpful to learn how to use a bonus before visiting a casino site so that you don’t miss out.

Table Games

Table Game

While pokies are the most popular type of casino game, they are right up there with the table games offered at a casino. These games are any games that require a table to play. Most commonly this is poker, blackjack, roulette, and craps.

Table games make up the other half of what a good casino needs. They include a wide variety of games. Many of which are card games.

Playing cards have been around for more than a millennium. It is no surprise then that we have come up with so many ways to gamble with them.

Table games are so popular for many reasons. Even though table games and pokies are both casino games, their popularity is due to different factors.

  • Some rely on skill
  • Social interaction
  • Chance to win big

Two of the more popular table games, poker and blackjack, are skill-based games. This makes table games attractive to those who want to test their skills against others. This social element brings me to the next reason.

Unlike pokies, these games are usually very social. You must be able to read other players in many. Even when you don’t, these games allow for fun interactions. They offer an excuse to gather friends around the same table for an evening of games.

Another reason, but certainly not the last, is the chance to win big. Gambling in any form has this draw, but table games are among the biggest when it comes to payout sizes.

Online Table Games

Just like online pokies, there aren’t too many differences with online table games. However, they do lose one of the bigger reasons for their popularity offline.

Typically online table games aren’t played against real people. This can certainly ruin the fun, but there are ways to play online table games with people. These games are known as live games.

The online versions still include the other two big reasons for their popularity so they are still quite enjoyable.

Miscellaneous games

Outside of those two big types, there are several casino games that don’t quite fit. Games that aren’t pokies or one of the big table games are still fun for many. They include things like bingo, scratch tickets, and keno.

Most don’t enjoy as much popularity as the first two types, but they do have a good following. By adding these games, casinos attract more than they would without them.

Last Thoughts

Whatever type of game is your favorite it is hard to argue with the popularity of pokies today. There are plenty of reasons to enjoy pokies, but they are definitely not for everyone.

If you play pokies, table games, or others, good luck with your gambles. Enjoy the games and gamble responsibly.

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