Developed by Battle Creek Games, Offroad Outlaws lets you do some off-road driving using trucks, quad bikes, mobile ATVs, and more. Create an ultimate off-road experience by choosing your vehicle with suspension, tires, rim, and even paint.

You will get to drive on mud, dirt, sand, rocks, and so on. As you go further into the game, it allows you to upgrade your vehicle to boost its performance. With stunning 3D graphics and a fascinating realistic experience, this game will take you to a whole new level of racing experience.

Offroad Outlaws
How to install and experience the trending game Offroad Outlaws on PC?

To know more about the game and to learn how to play Offroad Outlaws game on PC, read this article ahead.

Reasons that will make you love this game

  • Win through various Offroad maps

You can test your vehicle on different types of road maps like a desert, woodland, rock park, and stunt park. Each map has its features and obstacles that will uniquely test your off-road driving skills.

With realistic terrain graphics, immerse yourself into this astounding offroad driving. Also, you can create your maps by modifying the standard maps with hazards like sand dunes, large rocks, and ramps, and make it even more challenging and intriguing.

  • Customizable Vehicles and Rigs

When racing, you’ll always want your car to be the toughest of all. The game allows you to customize the suspension as well as its looks. Change the color of your vehicle or paint it if you want. Pick from the best off-road rig and build it your way.

  • Thrilling Race Tracks

Whether it is desert, stunt park, rock park, it is up to you to decide where you want to race. Try all the tracks if you are planning to play longer. Each track has its own set of hurdles to keep you excited and engaged throughout the game.

Also, with available drones to use, you can track your opponents from different angles from the top.

  • Play with Friends

One reason behind this game’s amazing performance in the Play Store is, you can play the game solo but playing with friends is always fun. Invite your friends and challenge them to race on different race tracks. Also, explore different trails through raging rivers and mountains. Make sure to have an internet connection while playing in multiplayer mode.

It is Fun Playing Offroad Outlaws – Here it how to Play?

To begin with, you’ll be offered enough cash to buy a vehicle for racing. You will be required to choose from a truck and a quad. Of course, you can spend the entire money and buy a more powerful vehicle or buy both truck and a quad. But, saving some penny for an upgrade would be more profitable.

Truck In Offroad Outlaws
Take a look at the vehicles in the game!

There are 4 types of game modes available - single-player, multi-player, trail-runner, and bounty-trail. If you’re wondering how to play the Offroad Outlaws game on PC, here’s what you should do:

To play an Android game on PC, you need to download and install an emulator for the game to support and play properly on PC. LDPlayer is a free-to-download emulator for Android apps and games on PC.

Step 1: Download the LDPlayer on your computer.

Step 2: Complete the installation process on your PC.

Step 3: Launch/Run the emulator and search for the game “Offroad Outlaws” in the search bar.

Step 4: Download the game from the LD store or Google Play Store.

Step 5: Finish the installation and launch the game by clicking on the game icon.

Step 6: Enjoy racing in Offroad Outlaws with LDPlayer on your PC.


To conclude, if you are a fan of the type of games that has thrill, adventure, and racing, Offroad Outlaws is just right for you. It is an astounding game with lots of features and modes to explore. However, if you still want to read expert gamers’ views about it, read this review post before making the final decision.

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