The demo for Minecraft's sandbox block game was released in 2009, and the full version was finally released in 2011. People of all ages now enjoy Minecraft globally, ten years after its initial release. Here, we’ve revealed some little-known facts about the classic game, and you can also check here if you like Asian bookies.

1.   Bedrock’s 3,600,000 blast resistance

How To Break Bedrock In Minecraft Bedrock Edition
There are many bugs you can use to break Bedrock

There aren't many unbreakable blocks in Minecraft, with bedrock being the most well-known. However, like any other block, bedrock has a certain blast resistance value.

There is 3,600,000 blast resistance in a bedrock block. To clarify, dirt blocks are resistant to blast forces of 0.2. That explains why thousands of TNTs fail to crack bedrock.

2.   Duplicating dragon egg

In Minecraft, a dragon egg is one of the rare blocks since there can only ever be one dragon egg in a given world. This is why the dragon egg is considered so highly by many players.

However, a bug lets them make several copies of the dragon egg. Due to the dragon egg's gravitational properties, it can be duplicated through end portals in the same way as gravel, sand, and concrete powder. This is like the next best thing after the best Minecraft Tarven.

3.   Creeper only sees in green

One of the most well-known characters in this game, Creeper, was actually the result of a bug. In Minecraft, creepers are shrouded in mystery. As a spectator, a player can observe the action from the perspective of any mob. Creeper's vision is tinged green for unknown reasons.

Charged Creeper Minecraft

4.   Enderman’s inverted colors

Endermen, like creepers, see the world in a peculiar and unnerving way. These towering End natives see the world in a reversed color palette. Strangely, this effect makes the End dimension's endstone resemble the Overworld's grass blocks in color.

5.   Parrots die from eating cookies

Mojang does its utmost to guarantee that the in-game information on real-world wildlife is accurate. Just like real-world parrots can't survive on a diet of chocolate, their Minecraft counterparts can't handle the cookie equivalent.

6.   The Warden is more powerful than the Wither and the Ender Dragon

The Wild Update introduces a new hostile mob called the Warden. Even if they're just an ordinary hostile crowd, the Warden's might is nothing to joke about. The Ender Dragon and the Wither, Minecraft's only boss-type creatures, are no match for its might.

Defeat Wither Boss

7.   End crystals teleport from the End to the Overworld

When first entering the End realm, players will notice many End crystals resting atop the towering obsidian pillars. These terminal crystals direct a beam to the dimension's starting point. Like conventional end crystals, they will burst into flames at the first provocation.

The End dimension's exit portal cannot normally be used to transport an End crystal, but players can use bugs and redstone mechanisms to do so. 

8.   Halloween special

Some of Minecraft's unique Halloween features only appear once a year. The October 31 splash screen reads, "OOoooOOOoooo! Spooky!" Some monsters, such as wither skeletons, zombies, husks, and more, spawn with a jack o' lantern or pumpkin on their shoulders.