Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) was a monumental success in the gaming industry, grossing billions of dollars worldwide since its release in 2013. However, as gamers continue to anticipate the arrival of GTA 6, it's worth discussing the features that made GTA 5 such a success and which ones we hope to see in the upcoming game.

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The In-Game Casino: A Standout Feature in GTA 5

One of the standout features in GTA 5 was the introduction of the in-game casino, which added a new layer of entertainment to the game. However, it was limited to certain countries due to strict gambling laws. Players could enter the Diamond Casino & Resort and gamble their hard-earned cash on a range of casino games such as poker, slot machines, blackjack, and roulette.

It’s definitely a different environment compared to a normal online casino, with the immersive feel of walking around the actual casino, rather than having a page known as the “lobby” with a selection of games in the form of a list. The casino in GTA can actually be navigated around using your in game character, which is similar to what we might see in the future as VR technology infiltrates the online casino industry.

The casino in GTA 5 was more than just a place to gamble, as players could also explore the casino's interior, socialize with other players, and even purchase high-end cars and penthouses. It was a great way to interact with other players and provided a new way to earn in-game money. It would be great to see the return of the casino in GTA 6, but with more options to ensure that players in all countries can enjoy it.

Exploring More Building Interiors in GTA 6

Another feature that could be expanded upon in GTA 6 is the ability to enter and explore more building interiors. GTA 5 had a fair share of building interiors, such as stores, restaurants, and apartments, but there was still a lot of room for improvement. It would be great to see more building interiors, such as office buildings, hospitals, and museums, as it would add to the realism of the game and provide more opportunities for players to explore.

Vehicle Customization: Taking it to the Next Level in GTA 6

Vehicle customization was another feature that made GTA 5 stand out. The game allowed players to customize their vehicles in many ways, such as changing the color, adding new rims, or even changing the engine. This made players feel more attached to their vehicles, and it was a great way to show off their creativity. GTA 6 should take this feature to the next level, with more options for customization, such as modifying the suspension or adding neon lights.

Co-Op Story Mode: A More Fleshed-Out Feature in GTA 6

Another feature that could be improved upon in GTA 6 is the co-op story mode. While GTA 5 did have a co-op mode, it was limited to certain missions, and players couldn't complete the entire story mode together. It would be great to see a more fleshed-out co-op mode in GTA 6, where players could complete the entire story mode together, with different outcomes depending on the players' choices.

Improved AI and Police Systems in GTA 6

The AI and police systems in GTA 5 were also impressive, but there was still room for improvement. It would be great to see more realistic AI, with NPCs having more realistic behavior patterns and responding to the player's actions in a more natural way. Additionally, the police system could be improved, with a more advanced wanted system, where police officers could coordinate and chase the player in a more realistic way.

In Summary

GTA 5 set the bar high for the gaming industry, and GTA 6 has a lot to live up to. However, by building upon the features that made GTA 5 such a success, such as the in-game casino, building interiors, vehicle customization, co-op story mode, and improved AI and police systems, GTA 6 could be the best game in the series yet.