Giveaway - Awaken: Chaos Era Globally Released on 17/1/2022

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Awaken: Chaos Era was released on apple and android platforms on 17th January 2022, and this is the new turn-based strategy RPG game for your gaming list.

For the fans of turn-based RPG games which rely on strategies, here is a piece of great news for you all. Awaken: Chaos Era was released on apple and android platforms on 17th January 2022, and this is the new turn-based strategy RPG game for your gaming list. There's a giveaway at the end of the article! Don't miss it!

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The Century Games originally developed the game, and after being a while from beta, the game decided to have a global version due to the massive positive reviews they have gained from the game. Awaken: The chaos Era has many Gacha set within a mythical world, and it is identified from the name Awaken.

The entire awakened world has been created using many elements, and the former king has destroyed the peace it holds. He is the one who brought this continent to destruction. 

So today, let's review this huge game launched to the world with the impacts on gamers. And let's see what details are there to be known by the players.

Basic Introduction

This game is a turn-based role-playing game with a theme of mythical. Players have to form a team of members and battle with the enemies. 

There will be ten adventure chapters to deal with, and those all have three difficulties: hard, mythic, and normal.

The gameplay goes with a storyline, and ten dungeons are there to farm gear and for the hero skills. Two of those dungeons will be challenging ones, and they will test the player's team synergies. And it will also go with the raid guild bosses to earn some daily rewards.


There are more than 155 heroes on this Awaken: Chaos Era and those are all pretty decent with their skills and animations. The game has done a great job of creating their heroes, and each of them comes with five elements as

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  • Wood
  • Dark
  • Light
  • Water
  • Fire

Their roles differ from

  • Defence
  • Offence
  • Support

Players have to deal with the battles in the arena, and those battles will be carried out on the guild bosses, dungeons, and adventures.

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PVE and PVP Contents

More interesting thing about the game is that Awaken: Chaos Era comes with two contents: PVP and PVE. In the PVE contents, you will see 12 dungeons grouped from 5 major areas as No man's land, Endless trial. Void tower, Arcane dominator, and the Bounty hunt.

No man's land has five dungeons on it, and their players will farm their hero gems on upgrading their hero skills. On the other hand, the Arcane dominator dungeon holds five dungeons where it allows players to farm some special types of gear for players. 

The void tower is identified as a special dungeon where it asks players to clear every floor and earn stardust by performing some limited summons.

Then, at last, the Endless trial is more like the Void tower, but it makes players choose different floors on reaching the destination and earn the trial token. They can later use that trial token to exchange goods from the bartender's tavern.

When talking about the PVE contents, Awaken: Chaos Era does a great job there. In this arena, players will battle against other teams on their champion setups and rank up for the tiers. 

The arena tier has 5 tier groups: Diamond, Gold, Legend, Platinum, Bronze, and Silver. Every tier comes with a player limit to reside within it.

Each of these tiers owns some specific rewards, and they will be handed out to the players at the end of the season every seven days. If a player wishes to participate in an arena match, it is a must to pass this arena and whether you win or lose. 

So it makes excellent competitiveness for the game and adds much interest to keep playing until we earn a victory.


There is an introduction video with this Awaken: Chaos Era game, and it is wrapped up with the best animations on it. It shows us the character tensions within a team and how they will manage or not trust one another. 

There are so many animated parts within the game's story, and it adds a lot of interest to keep going with our gameplay.

Giveaway: Play ACE on PC

Yes. Now you can play Awaken: Chaos Era on your pc, and it is not just playing but also with many qualities for the gameplay. Usually, when you play a game through a mobile, the quality is low since they don't come with a larger screen, just like computers. 

No matter how advanced a device you use, it will fail to give a real-time gaming experience for sure.

Mobile devices don't come with a flexible opportunity to control your game since it only has a touch screen to play it. But if you use a PC, this experience will be changed. Because it has a keyboard and a mouse to control your games as per your wish.

Here, we recommend you to use LDPlayer as it has the best features to manage your game with more added features.

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First, this emulator is trusted by many worldwide players. The second is that it has many features like Multi-Instance Sync, Keyboard macros, keyboard mapping feature, which will ease your gaming experience by creating more instances and giving you more control over your game. 

The LDPlayer will allow you to smooth your gaming experience more than others for sure. 


So that ends our guide on Awaken: Chaos Era, and not it is time to experience this amazing role-playing game with more strategies to shine with the victory. Since the game is now on its way, take a chance to play, save the awakened world from destruction, and beat the battle with the best use from LDPlayer. Don’t miss your gift packs on LDPlayer!

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