If you're looking for a top-tier PC shooter game that steers clear of the "pay-to-win" model, be sure to check out these 5 of the most iconic titles for any gamer's collection: Counter Strike, Rainbow Six, Call Of Duty, Valorant, and Battle Teams 2.

Fps Games
These top-notch FPS games are immersive, well-acclaimed challenges you don’t want to miss

After over two decades of non-stop development and upgrades in the global gaming scene, the popularity of first-person shooter (FPS) games has not waned. In fact, the genre is becoming more of a solid favorite among gamers as more players now recognize the appeal of strategic value intertwining with the entertainment factor of these games. If you still haven't found your go-to battle game yet, check out the top 5 FPS games on PC in 2024, ranked from the classics to the latest hits!

Counter Strike
A pioneer in the FPS genre, Counter Strike is known for its tactical gameplay and community-driven content.

Counter Strike (first version from November 2000 to present)

Counter Strike stands as a towering figure in the FPS gaming world, a true cornerstone that has shaped the genre for all subsequent FPS releases. There is no questioning its legacy, and to this day the game continues to be a benchmark for future FPS releases. Regardless of all the years of evolution and the arrival of formidable newcomers like VALORANT, Counter Strike remains a steadfast favorite among many FPS enthusiasts.

Counter Strike 2
Counter Strike is unquestionably the most renowned title to the FPS gaming community.

The new CS2 version launched in 2023 made a remarkable breakthrough in both gameplay and graphics compared to its predecessor. It’s a popular opinion among critics and reviewers alike that CS2 is quite easy to get used to but very difficult to master. Players will have to spend plenty of time practicing and improving, and it’s certainly not as simple as picking up a gun and shooting whenever you see an enemy in the map.


CS2 is being released for free through the Steam platform.

Currently, CS2 is being released for free through the Steam platform, and the game's community is mainly concentrated in Western countries. So, if you want to experience this game, you should have a decent command of English to facilitate gameplay.

Rainbow Six: Siege (December 2015 release)

Next on the list of top FPS games worth playing in 2024 is Rainbow Six: Siege, a title that has long been a powerhouse in the FPS genre, captivating players with its intense gameplay.

Rainbow Six
Rainbow Six offers a more tactical and team-oriented experience, with a focus on strategy and planning.

Its unique gameplay can be relatively difficult to approach for newcomers, Rainbow Six: Siege is really suitable for players seeking to venture beyond the conventional. It expands on the traditional confines of CS2 or COD, introducing a variety of new gameplay mechanics and approaches. If you've never played the FPS genre before, Rainbow Six: Siege might not be the right game for you.

Rainbow Six 2
Rainbow Six: Siege costs from $19.99 on Steam.

Although it has an Esports platform with quite a few international tournaments, Rainbow Six: Siege requires players to pay to experience the game. The price of the game is not too expensive, but to spend money and play a game with entirely new gameplay like Rainbow Six: Siege is a decision that gamers do tend to consider more carefully, especially since the game also requires a fairly decent PC configuration to start.

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Call Of Duty: Warzone (March 2020 release)

If Counter Strike is the pioneer in the FPS movement, it’s not too far off to say that the Call Of Duty (COD) series has revolutionized FPS. Maintaining the spirit of first-person shooting, COD has created many new mechanics and a completely different shooting style compared to VALORANT or CS. Not only did this fail to turn the community away, but it also created a new wave called Modern FPS.

Cod Warzone
COD is known for its fast-paced, competitive multiplayer action and cinematic campaign modes.

COD is characterized by its story-driven games, such as Black Ops, Modern Warfare, and most recently COD Warzone with Battle Royale mechanics. The gameplay of COD is usually quite fast and somewhat difficult to get used to for new players. However, once you have some basic grasp of the key elements, COD is actually not too difficult as it often does not focus too much on strategic elements.


Cod Warzone 2
COD versions are being sold on the Steam platform at quite affordable prices.

Currently, COD versions are being sold on the Steam platform at quite affordable prices - and COD: Warzone is free, but the required configuration is a very challenging issue for gamers as it requires a very high PC configuration to experience.

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VALORANT (June 2020 release)

Launched in June 2020, VALORANT has won 3 consecutive Esports Game of The Year awards in 2021, 2022, and 2023, which speaks volumes of its appeal and recognition in the gaming community. It's no exaggeration to say that VALORANT is currently one of the most popular shooter games with a huge international player base.

VALORANT combines traditional FPS gameplay with unique character abilities and strategic elements.

The game is a combination of classic FPS elements such as aim and weapon mastery, mingled with a tactical system of strategies and character abilities. Each Agent in VALORANT has their own unique function, pushing team coordination to the highest level.

Valorant 2
VALORANT graphics that are somewhat cartoonish but will become very engaging once you've fallen in love with it.

VALORANT also attracts players thanks to its relatively budget-friendly configuration, coupled with graphics that are somewhat cartoonish but will become very engaging once you've fallen in love with it. If you love the novelty in gunfights and want to use 'magical' skills, then VALORANT is a must-try!

Battle Teams 2 (July 2023)

This name might not be too familiar to most gamers, but it is a very promising candidate for the top FPS games worth playing in 2024. Battle Teams 2, although a newbie in the FPS world, does not lack in appeal compared to the other names in this list. In fact, the game is a harmonious blend of all the best elements that current FPS games possess. A high-speed gameplay like VALORANT, heavy on strategy like CS2, and even though the required configuration is not too high, the game is definitely not inferior to the famous COD series.


Battle Teams 2
While not as well-known as the others, Battle Teams 2 still provides a solid FPS experience.

Another highlight of Battle Teams 2 is that the game currently has a lot of game modes, from Bomb Planting, Team Battles, to 100-player Battle Royale, various entertainment modes, and even PVE boss fights. Furthermore, despite being a latecomer, Battle Teams 2 does not fall short compared to VALORANT or CS2 in terms of fandom size and activities. Evidence of this is the game's very lively and enthusiastic Esports tournament system, attracting many gamers to compete. All these elements are meticulously crafted, creating an extremely smooth experience and not at all inferior to any big player in the market.

Battle Teams 2 Game
Battle Teams 2 is currently being released for free on Steam.



And that's the top 5 FPS games worth playing in 2024. If you're looking to explore a new game outside your comfort zone while still experiencing the best of the shooter genre, these 5 titles are definitely a few names that gamers should consider.

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