With the novel coronavirus wreaking havoc on school systems across the globe, many parents are left trying to balance their child’s education alongside an already hectic work and home life. Because of school closures, many parents have struggled to find creative and enjoyable ways for their children to interact with skill-building exercises. Prinxy, an online application that offers hundreds of online games for girls, could provide some solutions.

Since video games really took hold in the mid to late 1980’s a number of studies have been done as to how they affect childhood cognition and whether or not they promote negative or destructive behaviors. While hyper-violent games still create a bit of a hung jury, the large body of evidence suggests that games with wholesome content and age-appropriate themes may actually benefit your child’s cognitive skills.

Children And Game
How Online Games For Girls Could Actually Benefit Your Child’s Cognition?

Why Online Games for Girls?

Oftentimes, when dealing with younger children and their toys, most things are relegated to traditional, gender binary roles. Pink vs. Blue. Dolls vs. Trucks. Princesses vs. Ninjas. While one isn’t necessarily exclusive to one gender or another, there is a stark contrast in the type of content that is marketed towards girls.

By and large, this content is much less violent, aggressive, and often representative of more wholesome and creative themes. Online children’s games are no different. Many online games for girls are more focused on creativity based tasks such as designing and fashion, as well as familiar skills like cooking and taking care of pets. These types of games are spectacular for hand-eye coordination as well as reading comprehension improvement.

Online Games For Girls
There is a stark contrast in the type of content that is marketed towards girls

Marketing these games towards girls specifically helps to address a notable gender gap in video game representation. Hoping to open up a more comfortable space within the gaming and development industry to women, as much of the contemporary research on the subject suggests that women are less likely to feel like they have a place in this field. So creating online games geared towards girls, but that is perfectly reasonable for any gender to play, gives young women something to call their own within a staunchly male-dominated arena.

What Possible Benefits Do These Games Hold?

Outside of pushing a feminine agenda within the male monopolized gaming industry, these types of games also offer children a myriad of skill-building exercises, perfectly incorporated into fun, youthful, and colorful games. Online games are capable of offering something to parents as well, as applications like Prinxy give children to play any number of short and interactive games for free, so if your child tires of a specific title, it doesn’t leave parents holding a bill.

There are a number of skills that online games can help bolster, depending on the title and gameplay. Things like,

  • Reading comprehension
  • Time management
  • Leadership
  • Math
  • Spatial reasoning
  • Problem-solving

These types of skill-building activities are present in a number of different popular online game formats, such as cooking games, storytelling games, dress up, design, and pet-centric games. Other games have the opportunity to teach your children about friendship, emotions, cultural appreciation, and social skills. Games do not have to be cooperative, or played with others online in order to help hone communicative excellence. In storytelling games, for example, your child will need to interact with virtual characters and friends, in order to learn how to empathize and help with these character’s problems.

How to Best Utilize Girl Games Online

Like almost everything in life, the best way to utilize online games for girls is to allow them in moderation. Encourage your child to branch out their interests to include physical and traditional educational activities. Setting limits on screen time can be a great way to create this system. Online games are exceptionally well built for moderation, as many of them have shorter than normal storylines and non-time dependent goal structures.

Online Games For Girls
The best way to utilize online games for girls is to allow them in moderation

So it becomes simple for your child to leave a game and come back when it’s best for the whole family. Or, they can easily traverse through an entire game within an hour, giving them the time and ability to focus on other activities without feeling as though they’re missing out. These types of games can also be enjoyed alongside other players, like parents or siblings, but don’t actually require your child to interact with strangers or friends online.

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