If you are studying the online gaming industry, you have probably heard of the Aviator game. This is a fascinating, genuine money concept different from regular casino games. If you are unfamiliar with this entertainment, look at Aviator Bet in Brazil. Aviator is an automated game of chance, which makes it similar to slots. But the Aviator game online is not a slot. The best way to define it is the term "crash game." It has simplistic graphics, so looks aren't its main appeal factor. Players love the Spribe Aviator game for its addictive action and unique gameplay.

Aviator 16 Game

Characteristics of Aviator Game

In the Aviator game best app you can choose your bet and press the button to start your session, just like in standard slot machines. However, there are no reels, no matching symbols, and no pay lines in the game. Here is the spribe aviator game logic:

  • The algorithm generates results in a completely random order. It is impossible to know or predict when the multiplier will reach its maximum level.
  • As soon as you set the bet and start the session, the plane will start to take off. It starts with a factor of 1x and can grow indefinitely.
  • The lucky plane keeps going up, and the odds keep going up. The plane takes off at a random moment. You need to press the button to cash out up to this point.
  • The game is quite simple in terms of graphics.
  • Spribe aviator game has a social component. This is one of the main reasons why it has become so popular. In the game, you can see how many players are currently active. They can all use the chat to discuss their strategies, wish each other good luck, and congratulate the winners.
  • The screen also shows how much other players have bet and how much they have won. You can also view the statistics, which show the highest daily, monthly, and all-time winnings.

How to play Aviator?

Players need to predict the outcome before the object leaves the screen. As long as the plane is within the radar, the multiplier increases. Its trajectory can break at any moment. The end time of the game is determined by the RNG when the object is launched.

If the player does not have time to collect the winnings before the crash, the bet will burn out, and the user will lose. The initial multiplier is x1. The maximum is not limited. The duration of a round in an Aviator free game is, on average, 5-30 seconds.

The aviator game online has an automatic mode. The player only needs to set the bet size and the multiplier. The game will start automatically and stop when the coefficient reaches the desired value. This mode can be used by experienced players who have already chosen the Aviator strategy and know when to take their winnings in the Aviator game best app.

Strategies and Tricks

There is no set way to win every bet in Aviator. However, there are a few strategies you can try that will improve your chances of winning in the long run.

Double bet 2:1

Double betting gives you double the chance to cash out on time. If you complement this method with a 2:1 approach, you will get even more chances to cover your bet and win some money by understanding the aviator game algorithm. If, for example, you plan to bet 300 BRL in a game, then the first bet should be 200, and the second bet 100.

When the multiplier reaches 1.5x, you must cash out the first bet. This will cover all your investments. Then, before you cash out your second bet, wait for a bigger multiplier. There is still a chance of losing both bets, as the plane could crash any time before the multiplier hits 1.5x. But for the sake of a big win, it is worth taking this risk.

Strategy 1.5x for one bet

This strategy involves placing one small bet. Even if you lose, the amount won't be big. The goal is always to cash out when the multiplier hits 1.5x. Although the winnings will be small, you will be able to accumulate some amount over several rounds. You can use the Auto feature to implement this strategy quickly.

High-risk strategy

If you have played in demo mode, you have probably noticed that many players bet 100 Brazilian reals. Also available bets in cryptocurrency. This is a high risk. However, such a bet also brings more significant winnings. If you place a 1.5x bet, you will win $50. If you wait for the multiplier to reach a higher level, you can win a lot! Remember that this is a big risk, and you need to choose a gambling platform where to play Aviator game.


Understanding the mechanics of the Aviator slot machine is as easy as shelling pears. The game is based on a provable fairness algorithm. There are no strategies that would work 100%. However, most of the recommendations will help you increase your chances of winning. Be careful when choosing where to play Aviator game. Good luck with your game.