Online roulette is a popular, easy-to-play casino game that does not require any particular skill and depends on luck. However, roulette is known to have one of the highest house edges, with players more likely to win than to lose during the gameplay. Luckily, several tips can help you maximize your odds and have a better chance of walking away with wins after spinning the roulette wheel and beating the casino at their game.

In this guide, we will share some roulette tips for beginners prepared by our team of experts at that would help improve your roulette gameplay and increase your chances of making massive wins from the roulette table. If you want to make the most from playing roulette online, follow through till the end.


Play Online Roulette at Trusted Online Casinos

Given the increasing number of online casinos, it is only regular that there would be some fraudulent sites. This is why we advise that you ascertain the credibility of an online casino before placing bets on any casino game. To verify whether or not a casino site is credible, look out for a license from a central gaming authority like the MGA or UKGC and independent testing and certification bodies like eCORGA and GLI.

The most effective online roulette strategy becomes useless when playing at a questionable casino site since the games would always be rigged against you. To increase the odds of wins playing on the sites with online roulette, list some trusted sites together with necessary consideration for selecting credible sites to play on. You stand to benefit a lot when playing on a trusted site, as not only would you stand a chance to win your bets, but you are also sure that you would be able to withdraw your wins without any hassle.

For the Best Odds, Play European or French Roulette

Choosing a suitable game is as important as selecting a trusted site. You should know that the roulette odds depend on the variation of the game you are playing. There are multiple variations of the roulette game, the two most popular being European and American. When it comes to the best winning odds, the European and French variants are your best bet.

Unlike the American variant that features a roulette wheel numbered 1-36 with a 0 and 00, the French and European Roulette is numbered 1-36 with a single 0. While this may appear casual initially, you must understand that the difference in these variants significantly affects the house edge and your chances of winning.

While the house edge of the American version is 5.67% European and French house edge stands at only 2.7%. From this, it is clear you have more shots at winning at the roulette wheel when playing the European and French versions. To get the most from your online roulette gameplay, it is advised that you stay away from the American version.

Experiment With Combination Bets for Bigger Payouts

Have you ever wondered how most players win big at the roulette table? It is because they bet big, risk big, and win big at the table. If you're not a high roller but have the bankroll for vast amounts of money, you can try betting on a combination of numbers, as this would help increase the frequency of your wins.

With this tip, you would be placing your bets on several combinations; that way, you stand a chance to win for any combination you guess is right. Provided you are gaming at a trusted casino where the games would not be rigged against you, this would be a good option.

Play Free Roulette First to Understand the Game

One of the mistakes newbies make when they engage in roulette is jumping right into the gameplay without a proper understanding of the game rules. They do not play for free; instead, they go on staking large amounts and end up losing all the funds in their casino bankroll.

Instead of dealing with the rules of risking your funds at every game round, we advise that you try out the free or demo versions of some roulette games to get familiar with the rules. In your practice, ensure that you try out all the roulette variations to find one that suits your style of play. As you get better during the demo version, you can now go on to start placing a small bet and increase your stakes as you go on.

Free or demo versions are available in almost all online roulette casinos, and they are also an excellent way to test new strategies. If you are ready to play for real money, the best casino games provide a long list of reputable websites. These sites are mobile-friendly and can be enjoyed from anywhere you are. Since you are not losing any money when you play for free, you can try out as much as you like.

Try a Column-betting Strategy

This is one of the best online roulette tips you should consider, as it is a great way to minimize your risks if you want to make money from roulette gameplay.

The column betting strategy involves placing bets on red vs. black, high and low, or even and odd. Here, you limit your bet options by betting the ball lands in three number columns. For instance, instead of placing bets that the ball would end on the number 7, you can easily make bets that the ball would end on an odd number. That way, you are more likely to win if the ball lands on any even number on the roulette wheel. Although this is a side bet, it is a guaranteed way to increase your odds of winning at the roulette wheels.

Wrap Up

Like every other game of chance, engaging in roulette online comes with many risks. Due to how easy the gameplay is, many gamers end up losing all their funds because they do not have any tactics to help improve their chances of winning. However, with these risks comes an excellent opportunity to make massive wins when your number of combinations is correct. Given the enormous rewards for risk associated with this gameplay, you must have some online roulette tips to help you navigate this high-house edge gameplay.

So, before you get right into the online roulette gameplay next time, sit back to research the casino site you would like to get started on, find out what variant works for you by going for the low house edge variant, and stick with the online roulette strategy that works for you. In all this, don't forget to manage your bankroll by sticking with your budget and remember to play responsibly.