Creating new content and being transparent about it is very trendy. People use social media and personal accounts, without creating a business page and sharing their opinion with society. This is how streaming became very popular. If years ago, only companies had live streams, today, you can watch many of them on social media platforms or on YouTube. People try different types of online services and comment on them from a personal view.

Nowadays the most popular streaming type is to play online games and make live streams about how you play, what you like and dislike, and others. People can watch the gaming process, listen to streamers’ positions and share their opinions with comments. Streaming was extremely popular in 2022. The market increased up to 29.5% compared to 2021. The simplicity of starting a career is one of the core reasons for its popularity. Anyone can become a streaming player and create a quite successful career. It does not require any large education or experience. All you need is creativity and good communication skills with your audience.

This market is very busy and there are hundreds of thousands of streamers. If you are one of those who are thinking to try luck in this career, this article is just for you! Down below, we will show you every needed aspect you have to know for achieving success in a streaming career. In addition, we will talk about some expected trends and changes in the streaming industry in 2023.

Twitch Streaming Platform


How To Choose Content

As we mentioned earlier in the streaming career, the most demanded and popular is content connected to gambling. People love watching streams where people play different types of online games and share their experiences with others. But it is not mandatory. The main thing is to create content according to your needs and knowledge. We do not imply years of experience in something. Just be good enough to talk about it and rate it. To give you a more clear vision, we will explain everything according to the gambling content streaming, as it’ll be the most demanded in 2023.

So, if you are good at gambling, choose the type of game, learn everything about it, and start testing. The first expectations and impressions about the game make content more diverse and attractive. Not only your interests must be followed but also trends. For example, slots are the most popular online games in 2023 and most users play them for crypto. So, you can use this trend as an advantage for your streaming career and start the streaming process of playing online crypto slots. You can find plenty of websites for playing crypto slot machines. For safety and diversity, we would like to recommend playing casino games for crypto at Coinplay, as their portfolio is impressive and diverse and the casino is completely safe to try.

Select the Right Social Media Platform

The main advice from us will be to not depend only on a single platform for streaming. Especially if it is live streaming. Selecting the right platform depends on how popular you are or how many people know you. If you are less experienced and are not very active on social media, we recommend you use your personal Facebook account and have access to the audience via groups related to your content.

For example, for gambling streaming, you choose some groups, join them and start sharing your streaming into these groups. That way you will simply increase the number of first viewers. If you achieve a specific number of weekly reviews, you will be able to use the Fan Subscriptions feature by Facebook. As you personally will be a bit popular in your audience, create a page and continue streaming via the page.

With Facebook, the great platform for beginners is Tik Tok. This is extremely useful in 2023. With simple videos, you can easily move your TikTok audience on your live streaming link and get more views. If you are a more experienced one, you can use YouTube.

Always Give Tips, Tricks and Merge Different Contents

Only playing and making comments is not the best way to achieve success in streaming. To avoid making boring content, you need to do two main things. The first is to give tips that are not available in the formal reviews. Everyone can find information about how to play games or how to choose them. No one needs detailed information about design quality or soundtrack. The audience needs information on how properly the game works and what strategies can be used for winning. This is what you need to talk about sometimes during the streaming.

The second key to success is to change content and make it diverse. Do not stick with a single type of game. Try slots as well as live dealer and table games. In 2023, It will also be very popular to play online e-sports or games such as Dota or CSGO. With diversity, you will give more valuable experience to your audience and simply become successful.