Rapid Changes in the Gaming Industry.

Gone are the days where games can only be enjoyed at brick-and-mortar casinos. But the advent of new internet technologies has provided more convenience for players. You can now enjoy your favourite game in the comfort of your home, on the bus or the train so long you have your mobile phone. Online casinos have flooded the internet making it easy for players to access their favourite games. The internet has helped the gaming industry grow rapidly. Some of the notable improvement over the years is the quality of the graphics of the games at online casinos.

Gaming Industry

Timeline of Gaming as an industry

UK gaming history can be traced to 1190 when the king decreed that betting was only for the noble. Since then, several acts have been enacted regarding gambling in the region. However, in 2014, a new Act was introduced to address the issue of remote gambling. The licensing authority in the region is the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), and it is responsible for supervising and controlling online casinos under their jurisdiction. Established under the Gambling Act 2005, the UKGC is considered as one of the strictest gambling authorities in the gaming industry.

How Smart Phones Changed the Face of Gaming

When the internet first broke, people were using desktop computers to access the information they needed online. However, the innovation that brought out mobile devices made it easy for players to access their favourite games on their smart devices. All you need to do is to install your favourite casino app on your mobile device then you can begin your gaming experience. The only difference between desktop and mobile devices is in the screen size. Players can enjoy a wide collection of games on their mobile devices. Some of these impressive games are new online slots, video poker, live dealer games, table games and more.

Guy Playing Game On Mobile

New Ways to Reach Customers

Online casinos reach out to new players using different marketing campaigns such as blog post style advert. The internet is filled with a lot of blog posts that give expert advice on how to play specific games at online casinos. Besides using marketing campaigns, it is common for casino sites to offer bonuses and promotions. The aim behind this is to attract new players to register with them and to also retain existing customers. Online casinos often send promotional newsletters to players and site visitors via email. Some of the common bonuses they offer include welcome bonuses, match bonuses and reload bonuses.

Summary and Conclusion

So far, we have been able to look at the changes that are happening in the iGaming industry. One notable change is the transition from the land-based casino to online casinos. Online casinos have changed the face of gaming by introducing new features like online payment methods, customers support services, awesome bonus offers and more. Another breakthrough in the gaming industry is that casino games can now be accessed on mobile devices. Playing on mobile offer more flexibility since you do not have to be in front of your desktop device all the time. Gambling sites have to be able to keep up with the trends in technology to remain competitive in the industry.

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