Dutch online casinos have many sweet slots for couch potatoes to make money from home. Let’s check out the top popular slot games in The Netherlands according to Kansino’s Dutch online casino as well as their Return-to-Player (RTP) rate and volatility. Just compare them and choose some suitable games to bet your cash or just have fun with free-to-play games here. 

1. Sweet Bonanza

Sweet Bonanza is a popular slot game on many online casinos with bright colors and adorable icons. The gameplay is very simple but the output is prominent. That’s why it’s the most popular slot game in The Netherlands now. 

The advantages of this game are vivid graphics, nice sound, and traditional fruit and sweet icons. Six reels hold five symbols per reel and 20 pay lines. The win is small but pretty frequent. 

Sweet Bonanza
Sweet Bonanza is inspired by the traditional theme of fruit and sweet games.

You can multiply your bet by 20 to 25 times when getting eight similar symbols or above on the screen for each spin. This slot game has a high RTP rate of 96.51% which is pretty good in this industry. 

2. Big Bonus

Big Bonus is another spin slot game with six reels and four symbols for each reel. It also features colorful symbols of fruits, WILD, BONUS, Crown, and the Lucky Seven. Each symbol has a unique payment. When three symbols or more are matched in one of 50 potential pay lines, you will get paid. 

The Crown is the highest-paid icon, followed by the Red Lucky Seven. The Lucky Sevens in white and blue are pretty cheap, but they still give you higher payouts than other fruit icons.

Big Bonus
The Big Bonus slot game are attractive and addictive with lucky bonuses. 

You will get a free spin with three or more scatters. Participants can adjust their bets to win more or save money for more spins. Its RTP rate is 95.68%, which is smaller than the average of this industry, but you will have to chance to earn lots of cash from huge bonuses in some lucky spins.

3. Ultra Burst

Ultra Burst is another popular slot game all over the world. But it only has five pay lines on a screen with three rows and five reels. Despite the below-average RTP rate of around 95.4%, the Ultra Burst slot game is still one of the most attractive betting games in The Netherlands thanks to the unpredictable Ultra Bursts of bonuses and an attractive max. win of 1200 times.

Moreover, this slot game has a stable frequency of wins thanks to its low volatility. If you don’t want to risk your money, Ultra Burst is one of the best choices for gamblers. 

Ultra Burst
Ultra Burst has great graphics and sound quality. 

The Diamond is the most valuable icon with up to 40x magnification. Bell, Gold Bar, and Lucky Seven are also high-paid symbols while fruit symbols are low-paid. You can easily play this game online with a smartphone and a good internet connection. 

4. HOTBenji Killed in Vegas

Unlike the three previous slot games, HOTBenji Killed in Vegas does not feature lovely colorful fruit symbols. However, the gameplay is not very different. It also features five reels with three symbols each, but it has up to 7,776 pay lines. 

HOTBenji brings an RTP rate of 96.04% and brings high profits to players. It’s an ideal slot game for those interested in gangster-style graphics. Moreover, lucky players can multiply their bets ten thousand times due to its high volatility and RTP rate. 

HOTBenji Killed in Vegas
HOTBenji has a gangster theme and street-style design.

This is an ideal slot game for lucky gamblers who want to earn quick money from their bets. Though you won’t get frequent wins like in Ultra Burst, you will be amazed by the sum of money per win. That’s also the greatest attraction of HOTBenji Killed in Vegas. 

5. Twin4Timer

Twin4Timer is also very popular despite a moderate RTP rate of 95% and medium volatility. You can try playing this slot game before betting your money in these spins on many online casino platforms in The Netherlands and worldwide. 

Twin4Timer features seven reels with three symbols each. Crown, Lucky 7, Watermelon, and Raspberry are the ideal paid symbols. Stakelogic Logo and Stakelogic Sack of Cash are more valuable, but they are also very rare. You can magnify your stake by up to 165.6 times with great luck.

Twin4timer has a high frequency of wins with a low to mid volatility.

These five slot games have simple gameplay but top valuable rewards. That’s why they are massively preferred by the Dutch. All these games are available to access in Kansino, an exclusive casino platform in The Netherlands. These traditional slot games have been developed well and become popular all over the world thanks to these online casino platforms. You can easily bet and earn real money from anywhere.