Videoslots Limited, the operator of popular online gambling platforms,, and, has been slapped with a £2 million fine for a series of regulatory breaches. The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) uncovered these failures during an investigation spanning from October 2019 to February 2022. Videoslots Limited has agreed to settle with the regulatory body by paying the imposed penalty to resolve the matter.

Strict investigations like these undoubtedly benefit players, but there are also several downsides, which is why many punters turn to independent online bookmakers. To help you further understand the impact of such fines and restrictions in the gambling industry, we shall discuss why the operator was fined. We will also evaluate independent gambling platforms to help you decide if they are ideal alternatives to UK-licensed betting sites.

Video Slots

Why Was the Fine Issued?

Despite being crowned the online casino operator of the year at the 2023 International Gaming Awards, Videosots is under fire for breaching several laws and regulations enforced by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). These breaches spanned both anti-money laundering requirements and social responsibility obligations, prompting the regulator to take action and issue Videoslots Limited a £2 million fine.

Anti-Money Laundering Breaches

Citing licence condition 12.1.1(3), the Commission noted that the operator failed to ensure that policies, procedures, and controls were effectively implemented. Videoslots Limited did not carry out customer due diligence promptly, which is a crucial step in identifying and verifying the identity of customers.

It also faced criticism for not having a sufficient number of AML analysts on staff. The lack of adequate staffing hampered their ability to process large volumes of data and undertake the necessary AML account reviews. Insufficient resources for AML-related tasks hinder the company's effectiveness in identifying and mitigating potential money laundering activities.

Social Responsibility Failures

Videoslots Limited's social responsibility failures included a breach of SRCP 3.4.1, which mandates that licensees interact with users to minimise the risk of gambling harm. It states that the operator should understand the impact of these interactions and take action if necessary. Unfortunately, the operator did not adequately assess whether the amounts some customers deposited or lost were appropriate. As a result, they couldn’t identify if a customer was at risk of experiencing harm due to the disproportionate amounts they spent compared to their declared income.

Videoslots allowed customers displaying harmful behaviour to continue gambling significantly even after company interactions. In one case, a player deposited £112,225 and lost £58,725 between November 21, 2021, and January 7, 2022. Despite multiple triggers and account reviews, there were missed and delayed interactions, indicating a failure to implement the required interventions effectively.

The UKGC’s strict action was to ensure that the future of gaming at the operator’s site was safe. Videoslots Limited agreed to a financial penalty of £2 million as part of the settlement, which will be directed towards socially responsible causes.

Besides the fine, Videoslots Limited must address these failures by implementing robust measures to identify and assist customers at risk, ensuring timely and effective responsible gambling measures, and considering the appropriateness of customer deposits and losses. The company must also improve its interactions and interventions based on customer information to minimise the risk of gambling harm.

What Are The Impacts Of The Fines On the Gambling Industry?

Videoslots Limited would not be the first operator to face the wrath of the Gambling Commission. In May 2023, PBB Counterparty Services Limited, commonly known as Betfair and Paddy Power, was given a £490,000 fine for marketing to vulnerable consumers. William Hill was fined a record £19 million for alarming social responsibility and anti-money-laundering failures. Betfred and In Touch Games are other companies slapped with heavy fines.

Paying such large amounts as punishment can have a significant financial impact as they strain the financial resources of operators, particularly smaller companies. The financial burden may divert funds away from investments in product development, innovation, and customer experience, limiting their ability to compete effectively in the market. This forces them to offer products of lesser quality and often limits their bonuses and promotions in the United Kingdom.

Furthermore, the financial strain can lead to increased operational costs for betting companies, which may ultimately be passed on to players in the form of reduced payouts and higher fees. Operators may also hesitate to introduce new products, features, or technologies due to concerns about potential non-compliance and the associated financial penalties. Consequently, there’s reduced variety within the industry, limiting players' choices and leading to a less dynamic and less engaging gambling landscape.

Are Independent Sites the Way to Go?

Since fines for regulatory breaches can negatively impact the betting company, punters seek alternatives to avoid potential consequences. One of the best options currently is independent sites. These platforms offer a lot more benefits than strictly regulated operators, and these advantages include:

Less Impact On Credit Scores

Such betting sites offer more flexible payment options, so you can transact without worrying about your payments reflected in your bank statement. As a result, it’s impossible for gambling transactions to indirectly affect your credit scores or your chances of getting loans.

Higher Bonuses

Independent sites often compete fiercely to attract punters, offering more generous bonuses. These can include sign-up bonuses, free bets, enhanced odds, and loyalty rewards. However, bear in mind that these offers always have terms and conditions.

Same Markets and Odds

You’ll find comprehensive coverage of everything about sports when gambling on non-UK bookmakers. These include popular options like football and horse racing as well as niche sports like water polo. The odds for these markets are sometimes better than those for UK-licensed sites, so your potential rewards are higher.

Crypto and Credit Card Payments

As already noted, independent bookmakers are often more flexible regarding payment options. They accept various options, including cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and credit card payments. This flexibility allows players to choose the payment method that suits their preferences, ensuring convenience and anonymity in their transactions.