Anybody that understands the mathematics of games of chance that wanders through any land-based casino, will instinctively avoid playing certain games, those being the ones that offer exceptionally low payout percentages and high house edges.

One game that such savvy gamblers have always made a point of avoiding is the Money Wheel game, which is still found to this day on plenty of casino gaming floors across the globe.

About Money wheel

That game is simple to play, as all that you have to do is to try and predict which segment of the wheel will end up spinning in opposite the win pointer once the wheel has been spun and finally comes to a stop.

However, many live casino game designers have recently cast their eyes and imagination over that game and several new variants have been launched of that game, all of which offer players, even low stake ones, the chance of winning some mega amounts of cash, but only if everything falls into place.

Money Wheel Casino Games

The very first new variant of Money Wheel that went live online was the Crazy Time game, which immediately grabbed the attention of players, due to there being four bonus games that can be triggered if the wheel stops with the win pointer on those respective segments of the wheel.

Plenty of players have had great success playing that game online, and with the minimum stake being just 0.10 it is a game that appeals to low-rollers just as much as it does to high-stake players.

The only downside of playing that game is that sometimes you get an annoying Game Host whose job it is will be to spin the wheel. By annoying I mean they either ramble on incessantly or always seem to spin the wheel which lands in the lowest paying segments of the wheel.

But ultimately Crazy Time is a complete game of chance so anything can happen if you do decide to play it, and as I say, some players really have won some huge amounts of cash, which is achieved by those bonus games which can be awarded to players.

Another variation on the Money Wheel game that I am sure you will come across at plenty of casino sites is the Sweet Bonanza game. That game is similar to the Crazy Time game in as much as there are several segments of the wheel that can trigger a bonus game.

What makes it different?

What does make that game slightly different from all other similar games, is that players do have the option of placing an additional side bet wager, which will see a special multiplier being awarded if that segment of the wheel is spun in.

However, experience has taught a lot of players that placing that side bet can be a costly thing to do, for they still need to see the next spin of the wheel resulting in one of the other segments of the wheel they have placed a bet on spinning in, to get their winnings boosted by the value of the awarded multiplier.

One additional new variant, which will certainly appeal to players is the Money Drop Live game, and that game is one which does see players initially spinning in some huge multipliers via the base game and triggering a bonus game on every spin of the wheel if they have placed a bet on the spun in multiplier.

But they then will have to play off a Money Drop bonus game which will see them having to select which one of several different zones will be the winning one during that bonus game, if they make an incorrect guess then they lose what they won on the base game spin.

Many UK land based online casinos and their sister sites have started to add that new game onto their live gaming platforms, and as such, I doubt you will have any difficulties being able to locate a site at which to play it.

Just be aware though, that whilst there is always going to be the chance of winning big when playing any of those Money Wheel variants, there is always the chance you could lose as well, and each variant will have its own RTP too.