Parasite movie has just got a great success when winning the Oscars Academy Award for Best Picture. It’s the latest production of the talented director Bong Joon-ho in 2019. It made a great record in Oscar history, being the first non-English movie winning the highest prize in this award ceremony. This Parasite movie download review of will give you a closer look at this best movie of the year now.

Parasite Movie Download 2019
Parasite Is A Great Korean Movie Of The Year

In 2019, Parasite also won the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival 2019. This excellent movie is the first Korean movie to do that in the two biggest international movie awards. Parasite movie is such a big hit in Korean movie history that it has brought the producers lots of rewards and a giant profit.

Parasite Movie Download Review: A Greatly Successful Korean Movie

Parasite is a Korean movie directed by Bong Joon-ho with the presence of Song Kang-ho, Lee Sun-Kyun, Cho Yeo-Jeong, Choi Woo-Shik, and Park So-Dam as the main characters. The film was first launched on May 21st, 2019 at Cannes Film Festival 2019 and won the Palme d'Or in that event. Then, CJ Entertainment released it in South Korea on May 30th, 2019. With a total grossing of $167.6 million worldwide, Parasite is honored as the highest-grossing movie in the history of the Korean movie industry.

Parasite Won Four Oscars In 2020
Parasite Won Four Oscars In 2020

Recently, on the Oscar Award, this movie continued to bring home four golden Oscars, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best International Feature Film, and also Best Original Screenplay. Watching Parasite movie download, you will see that Parasite deserves these prizes. With a unique plot, special storytelling, and the best performance of the casts, this best movie of the year brought audiences a funny, touching, exciting, and also an obsessing story within 132 minutes.

Parasite Movie Download Plot Review

Parasite movie download in Tamil is the most worth watching movie now since it has won four Oscars. It tells a story of two Korean families, Kim's family as the poor, and Park's family as the rich. Kim's family has four members, the father Ki-Taek, the mother Chung-sook, the son Ki-woo, and the little daughter Ki-Jeong. They live in a small, uncomfortable, dirty semi-base apartment, have temporary low-paying jobs, and struggle for livings.

Part 1 – Parasites Break-In

One day, Ki-Woo’s friend, Min-Hyuk, gifts him a scholar stone and passes his part-time job as an English tutor for a daughter of a rich family to Ki-Woo temporarily. After visiting the Park family, Ki-Woo is impressed by the big private house. Mrs. Park also watches Ki-Woo teach her daughter English and take him to visit around the house.

Parasite movie download plot part 1
Kim's Family Penetrate In A Rich House As Parasites

Pretending to see the artistic talent of Park's family’s little son, Ki-Woo introduced his sister, Ki-Jeong as an oversea student in art. After successfully entering Park’s family house as a painting tutor for little Park’s son, Ki-Jeong draws up a scheme to make Park's family dismiss their current driver and housekeeper. Then, the son and daughter of Kim's family continue to introduce their parents to work for Park's family.

Part 2 – Conflicts Of Parasites

The movie starts with funny scenes. But after that, you will realize that it’s not just a comedy when watching the next part of Parasite movie download Reddit.

After stealing the job of the driver and the housekeeper, Kim's parents work for Park's family. One day, when Park's family go out on a picnic, Kim family come and have a party in that big house. While they are enjoying the party, the former housekeeper, Moon-Kwang comes and insists on taking back her belongings she left in this house. Then, Kim's family discovers a secret basement inside the house where Moon-Kwang's husband is hiding after bankruptcy. 

Korean Parasite Movie Download And Explain
Parasite Movie Unveils A Fact In Korean Life Through An Impressive Story

They also unveil all the black plots of the other and start to conflict and push. Then, during the conflict, Moon-Kwang is pulled down and died accidentally. At once, Mrs. Park calls Kim's mother, Chung-sook, to tell her to prepare dinner for them because the picnic is canceled due to heavy rain. Then, Kim's family imprison Moon-Kwang and her husband in the basement. And Kim's father, son, and daughter run away from the house after cleaning it.

Part 3 – Parasites Die and Spawn

After coming back home, they realize their house is full of water due to the heavy rain. And they have to stay in a public sports center for one night. The following day, Mrs. Park hold a birthday party for her son and invite Kim family to come and enjoy it with them. At that time, the Parasite movie turns into a thrilling film. You can also feel that change in Parasite 2019 full movie free download.

Scholar Rock In Parasite
The Scholar Rock In Parasite Movie, The Beginning Of A Tragedy

Ki-woo brings his scholar stone to the party and goes to the basement to kill Moon-Kwang's husband, Geun-Se. But he fails and releases the man. Geun-Se runs out and takes a knife, kills Ki-Jeong and attack Chung-sook. Witnessing the bloody scene in his birthday party, Da-song falls into a faint. Mr. Park offers Mr. Kim to give him the car key to take Da-song to the hospital. Meanwhile, Chung-sook kills Geun-Se. Feeling the smell of Geun-Se, Mr. Park covers his nose, and this manner hurts the pride of Mr. Kim, a poor man. In anger, Kim kills his employer and flees the scene.

Parasite Movie Download Ending Scene
Kim Father Lives In The Basements At The End Of Parasite Movie

At the end of Parasite movie, Ki-woo then is cued and has to go on trial with his mother. Many years later, Ki-woo reads a letter in Morse code from his father and promises to find a job, earn money and buy that house to free his father. But it’s just his dream because now, Ki-woo is living with his mother in a bad house, Ki-Jeong died, and his father is still hiding in the basement.

Parasite Movie Download Evaluation

With an excellent story, Parasite 2019 full movie free download is worth watching. This movie unveils the great rich-poor gap in Korean society in the most naked way. Lots of critics send the most gorgeous praises for the filmmaker Bong Joon-ho for his great talent, saying he and Parasite deserve these Oscars. He made a really valuable and amazing movie. You will never regret spending 132 minutes watching this movie. So, why don’t you enjoy Parasite movie download free now?

Parasite is not just an entertaining production. More than that, it’s a deep look into a riotous society with conflicts among parasites, and between parasites and the owners. Parasite movie download will bring you the most enjoyable time with funny scenes. You also experience thrilling conflicts when parasites fight for their interests. That’s why Parasite deserves four Oscars and the title Best Movie of The Year.

This movie has not been available on Netflix, YouTube, and other reliable websites. You can get Parasite movie download in Tamil from local websites or ask friends in forums for links of the subtitled movie in Google Drive. That’s also a popular way among movie fans who want to store Parasite movie download to watch again.

Parasite Movie Download Review
Parasite Is Not Just A Movie

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