With the continuous iterations over the years where gaming technology is concerned, there has been significant changes in the keyboard niche. Of course, over the years there have been rather eccentric designs that have tried to appeal with the target market, such as the tri-joystick, which threw out all traditional senses of a keyboard in the first place. Today, however, the newest addition to the keyboard space, is the Wraek Tactonic pad, which to many who have seen and possibly even tried it out, appeals to the intrigue and first hand seems very interesting. 

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The Tactonic pad acts as a thumb stick so that the gamer can push in different directions when it comes to orienting your games direction. Using the device comes quite naturally and is very self-explanatory. Many of the demos available online are showing the left hand side where the WASD is replaced for a more natural directional input for the player. Additionally, the Kickstarter for the controller discusses the device's delivery in comparison to other keyboards out there, with hot discussion over joysticks, mice and keyboards that were for a long time, used as a replacement and sole gaming tool for PC gaming. What is great about the Tactonic pad, however, is that it can be synced into other specific configurations such as a camera control or even a hotkey. The way the market is advertising it at the moment, is a solution for reaction speed, and the all-round tool for players to naturally mould their experience on a more functional and playable level.


 The new controller keyboard also comes available in many various designs and customizations, meaning gamers can make them their own, from the moment they order one for themselves. It is worth knowing additionally that the pressure sensitivity force sensor is also adjustable according to the pressure you place, meaning the controller is completely dependent on the level of comfort that players are seeking to suit their level of gaming frequency. With prolonged periods of gaming, it is understandable that more comfort is required to allow the player to play easily without any cause for straining themselves. Additionally, the controller does come with additional configurable and interactive lighting, so that the tectonic pad can further customise the players gaming experience within the present moment, and completely set the ambience and theme that is searched for during the gaming process.

The Kickstarter controller has gone live via press releases on various game and tech related press outlets. However actual sales of the controllers will not be possible until the official sale date and release in July 2022. It is believed that the release of the Tactonic controller was delayed greatly due to the pandemic and its offset effects to merchandise production, however, Wreak have every hope and faith that there will be no more delays upon the official release day, and pre-orders are possible to take advantage of from as early as the end of next month.

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