Live casino isn’t a new concept, although its incredible popularity is. The first live casinos premiered 25 years ago, back in 1996. It was already a success back then, although the digital technology we had at the moment was nowhere near what we have today. Let’s look at the impressive rise of live dealer games in recent years and what lies ahead for this niche.

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Global Preference

The live casino hype started about two years ago, with many more people looking for human dealer games. Recent statistics show that 1.6 billion people gamble regularly, while over 4 billion people gamble at least once a year. Now, consider that about 50% of the players accessing online casinos are looking for live games. It’s a huge market indeed.

Digital technology applied to gaming always tries to get as close as possible to authentic experiences. Live casino goes straight to the point. Now, gamblers with smartphones equipped with powerful cameras and 5G internet can enjoy the best gaming experience on the go.

Main Advantages

Not too long ago, playing live games required some expensive and clumsy gears, like desktops with separate cameras. Those days are obviously gone, but making live gambling portable wasn’t the only advancement so far. Live casinos now offer games with human dealers around the clock, anywhere in the world. Because you can actually see your opponent, the gaming strategy gets closer to the brick-and-mortar situation.

Looking Forward

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If live gambling keeps rising at this rate, soon it’ll become the dominant preference in the gambling industry. The demand for live dealer games has skyrocketed in the last two years. As digital technology becomes cheaper, more people have access to smartphones and mobile internet. Such accessibility increases the potential market for this kind of entertainment.

Live games get as close as possible to the real experience, which is the final goal of any digital game. For this reason, it’s unlikely it’ll ever fade away. Instead, new technologies will be implemented as soon as they appear. Here’s a bit of what we can expect for the near future.

VR Rooms

Digital cameras are great, no doubt. However, VR games allow you to actually be in the room with the dealer and the other opponents. More casinos are investing in this option, although VR glasses aren’t widespread yet. For now, it’s the only thing hindering the expansion of VR games, which is expected to change soon as the technology gets cheaper. Also here, graphics are likely to improve with time.

More Games

Casinos must invest considerable sums of money in offering a viable and technologically advanced live casino. Yet, with the demand increasing to billions, more games are likely to be included in the menu. Streaming technology goes hand in hand with the digital revolution. So, streaming sessions will likely become even more interactive and richer in details.


All projections point to a continuous rise of online gambling worldwide. Mobile and live gambling will naturally follow the same trend. Some casinos are optimizing their platforms for console playing. This partnership can lead to even more interaction and faster adoption of VR technology.

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