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2021 has been a terrible year for video games and consoles. Both software and hardware releases have suffered heavy delays due to disrupted development schedules, and many games have been set back indefinitely.

It’s not all bad news, though. Some new releases are appearing on the horizon, bringing with them some familiar features – and some that might surprise a few people. Here are six of the most exciting titles that will be released just in time to be a Christmas hit.


After the disappointment of FIFA 21, EA have an ace up their sleeve for the next instalment. Brand-new HyperMotion technology is going to make its footballing debut this autumn – a cutting-edge motion capture and animation suite that is set to take football games to the next level.

The franchise still has some tried and trusted features that always prove a hit with fans: the Ultimate Team mode will return bigger and better, and, of course, in-game tactics will allow players to think more than ever before about how they can get one over their opponent.

The remarkable thing about FIFA is its longevity – this will be the 29th installment as the franchise gears up for that all-important 30th edition in late 2022. An incredible achievement for EA.

Tetris Effect

If you’re over 30, then the name Tetris probably brings to mind images of the classic Game Boy original – a handheld version that was hugely addictive but with basic graphics that have long been surpassed by online slots games, let alone anything on a decent console.

Tetris Effect
Terris Effect Connected teaser look

Tetris Effect, however, is different. Powered by Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s Enhance Experience, the game boasts a dazzling selection of connected boards which each has its own music, style and rules. One moment you might be trekking through a barren desert under the blazing sun, the next underwater with schools of fish swimming around. It’s best enjoyed in VR mode, but to tell the truth, the graphics are good enough to stand alone in regular mode.

It’s all a long way from its 90s heyday, but Tetris is now well and truly set for the 21st century.

Far Cry 6

Far Cry 5 earned rave reviews for its setting in the prairies of rural USA, but its successor is taking a different route completely.

FC6 takes us to a dystopian tropical island called Yara where time is frozen and dictator Anton Castillo rules the roost. The game starts as a revolution against Castillo kicks off and you get to be freedom fighter Dani, the main character in the story.

Whether it will earn the success of its previous versions is hard to say, but FC6 promises some of the best graphics the franchise has produced so far, with some stunning special effects. Get ready for it this October.

Halo Infinite

What is there to say about Halo that hasn’t been said before? The hugely popular series introduces its Infinite edition just in time for Christmas, and it promises to dominate gaming news.

Infinite has been a long time coming for the Xbox Series X and Series S after the pandemic delayed its release: the result is a thorough reboot which will support ray tracing as part of the deal. Series X players will get a 4k resolution at 60fps, too, with load times slashed and beautifully seamless gameplay — what more could you want?

Grand Theft Auto V / GTA Online

GTA 5 has been around for seven years – a remarkable run of form for one of the most successful video games of all time. This time it’s the PS5 and Xbox Series X’s turn, with them hosting an enhanced version of the epic urban adventure, and its multiplayer component GTA online.

Speaking of GTA online, a new standalone version will be available on both consoles, too, although only PS5 players will have access to it until February next year. The consequence of this, though, is that it looks like we won’t see GTA 6 for some time yet.

A scene in GTA 5

The new console versions are sure to rocket the franchise to the top of the gaming charts once again, as players continue to be entertained to within an inch of their lives.

Dying Light II

If you’re waiting for your zombie fix this year, then Dying Light II will have it for you...and more.

Coming off the back of DL1, the follow-up promises to be bigger and more daring, with some suitably gory effects and a more detailed horror story.

We should be thankful that the game came out at all. Developer Techland first announced the release in late 2018, but then production problems followed by the pandemic put the project into serious doubt.

However, good things come to those who wait, and DL2 is certainly one of those.

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