Amongst all open-world games like GTA 5, the GTA series is in a class of its own. The worlds in GTA games are so big and expansive that players would always get their money's worth. GTA 5 is the best game in the series to date, and in this article, we are going to showcase the 5 things GTA 5 did better than other open world games.

1 - Better AI for NPCs

As you can see from the recent dumpster fire Cyberpunk 2077, having a proper AI for NPC makes the game much more immersive. In GTA 5, each NPC reacts based on the severity of the threat before them. They might fight back if the player hits or shoves them unarmed, however, if the player pulls out a gun, they might apologize or even flee.

Furthermore, NPCs in a crow have different reactions - some might call the cop on you. In Cyberpunk, all NPCs have only one reaction: Cower in fear. Skyrim is slightly better, however, NPCs will fight you to the death if you kill a chicken.

GTA 5's Los Santos actually feels like a real-life location.

2 - Attention to detail

Overall, the open world of GTA is probably the best looking one to date, despite being released almost 8 years ago. The developers usually carry out extensive researches on locations they plan to emulate in order to make them as realistic as possible.

GTA 5 contains an incredible amount of details on its map and gameplay. From simple things like glasses and headgear shading or coloring your view to characters discharged from the hospital still retain cuts and bruises, the immersion is just insane. Other games do not have this level of detail.

3 - Immersive missions

The story missions in GTA 5 are specially scripted so that players can enjoy the game's detailed environment to the fullest. From high speed car chases to over the top shootouts, all players' desire to wreak havoc should be sated.

There are also missions that go into character backstory and engage players in the narrative as well. This put them into the shoes of the game character to explore the world's nooks and crannies.

Vehicle-wise, GTA 5 did better than other open world games

4 - Better side content

In GTA 5's side missions, people are introduced to random strangers, each with their own unique story and personality. This makes the game much more immersive and increases players' enjoyment.

Players can also do a lot of side content, from sports like golf or tennis to activities like hunting or riding a roller coaster. Each activity has the same attention to detail as other pieces of content. Other open world games just can't compare.

5 - More freedom

GTA 5 allows the player a lot more freedom than other games. They can ride pretty much any available vehicles in the game, from cars and bikes to even tanks and fighter jets.

If players ever feel bored, they can either engage in a massive fight with the police then escape the cops at max wanted level, play minigames, or go online to play with other people.

GTA 5 Cop
GTA 5 did better than other open world games when it comes to cop AI.

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