The more popular competitive video gaming becomes, the more the betting on eSports is growing. That’s a fact. As eSports are getting deeper into the lives of people, they are also getting deeper into the betting markets and they are accumulating, in this way, more and more bets both from those who are fans of eSports and those who are fans of wagering!

eSports is one of the fastest growing markets in the world of betting. And this should not come as a surprise, given that today eSports can directly compete with the conventional sports in things like viewership, promotions, tournaments and organizations. By now it is nearly impossible to find betting sites without a specialized section on eSports, without a long list of betting markets or a wide range of bonuses and promotions addressing eSports punters.

Simple as that, eSports sell and they sell big and so betting on them is progressively becoming bigger and bigger, to a point that it might at some point reach the levels of traditional sports betting.

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Here’s everything you want to know about eSports betting.

Where can you bet on eSports?

There is absolutely no difference in the process of betting when it comes to eSports compared to conventional sports. You just need to select a sportsbook that you trust and of course one that offers competitive odds and prices on the events you are interested in and then you can start your betting journey.

What can you bet on eSports?

If you are familiar with generic sports betting, then you will most likely feel comfortable with the betting options and types of bets in eSports. Match winners, outright winners and over/under bets are quite common in eSports, but the thing is that they are not the only markets.

There are so many more possible bets you can choose if you decide to go with video gaming competitions and leagues! You can bet on the First Kill/First Blood, the Total Kills, the Total Maps, the Total Rounds or the Map Winner among the several different options. And of course you can also select live betting (in play betting) on the Next Kill, the Next Map Winner and on anything that can be offered for wagering!

eSports bettors can really enjoy the richness of the list of betting markets provided by bookmakers, especially as this list keeps on expanding and presenting, therefore, punters with more and more opportunities.

How can you bet on eSports?

The interesting thing with eSports betting is that it is too close and too far at the same time from traditional sports betting and this makes it quite challenging for bettors.

On the one hand you need to think of eSports betting as pretty much like conventional sports betting, where certain principles and rules apply. You should follow some key tips to improve your chances of winning such as: always bet when you have an edge, get to know what you are betting on, do your reading before placing a wager, don’t chase after losses, try to find value bets and so on. In fact, these are the typical -yet extremely valuable - things that you need to consider in betting.

But eSports has some key characteristics and  peculiarities, which makes betting a bigger challenge for punters. So, if you wonder how to bet on eSports, think of the following:

eSports are much more volatile than conventional sports, so favorites or underdogs rarely stay around for a considerable time. Everything changes too fast, new teams come on the stage very frequently promising success and the entire video gaming structure is so dynamic, that it is very difficult to make effective predictions, especially for longer term periods.

As such, your bets should only be placed when you are making informed decisions and informed decisions are only made when you combine your betting skills with acquiring more and more information and dynamic knowledge over the event.