Obviously, most of us love mobile games. They’re exciting, fun, and most of all portable so you can take them with you wherever you are. However, even with how fun a single-player game can be, it won’t go so far for those who love to play with friends. That is why people who love to socialize are trying to find the best mobile games to play online with a friend.

Sharing can be fun, even for mobile games. By playing two-player games, you and your friend can enjoy teaming up in co-op missions, engaging in combat, and of course sharing all the joy and fun. Obviously, how you act and how your play will greatly depend on the game itself. For instance, there are some multiplayer mobile games that value teamwork and require cooperation from you and your friend. While if you are playing board games, then you can anticipate more competition than cooperation. Nevertheless, playing two-player games can be a lot of fun, especially, if you are already bored playing alone.

If you and your friend want to pass the time, then you can simply play mobile games. Video games are the best way to pass time. Whatever you are doing and wherever you are, these mobile games are one of the best things you can do to enjoy your free time. So, which mobile games are worth trying? The following are the best mobile games to play online with a friend.

Non Chinese Mobile Games

Crossy Road

If you love playing Frogger then most likely you will also love playing Crossy Road. Aside from being one of the best mobile games, it also has very simple mechanics which is just the same as the classic game. All you have to do is to make sure that you can cross the path. To do this, you have to evade any hindrances so you won’t get hit. Obviously, this is not an easy thing to do since there are a lot of cars and other impediments that you have to avoid. Furthermore, if you want a larger screen, then you can play it on an Android TV. So, be sure you know how to play games on Android TV. Playing it with a friend can make things more interesting. The screen will be split into two if you play this game with a friend.

Clash Royale

If you have already played Clash of Clans before, then you might also like playing Clash Royale, which is considered one of the best tower-defense games of all time. In this game, you can fight in battle and defend your tower through cards. So, be sure to protect your territory, stand your ground, and engage in battle. Playing Clash Royale can be fun, but sometimes your enjoyment can be ruined by DDoS attacks. However, you can defeat DDoS attacks with gaming VPN. DDoS attacks can occur if the player knows your IP address. By using a VPN, you can ensure that your IP address is hidden and there is a no-logs policy.

Just like any other game, you have to go through the tutorial of Clash Royale. Once you are done, you can start a match anytime. Don’t forget to add your friend to the game so you can start playing. If you want to play this game, then you can play it for free using your Android or iOS device.

Burgle Bros

Sometimes even the best two-player games that require co-op fail to meet the standard since they are perfect when played solo. However, Burgle Bros is not one of them since it is more fun when played with a friend. The goal of this game is to rob or burgle all the contents of a safe. Obviously, since this is a heist, you have to face all the obstacles. For instance, escaping from guards, cracking combinations, going through levels, etc.

Also, when playing in co-op mode, there is a higher risk since there are greater chances that you’ll get caught. Therefore, it is important that you can trust your partner and both of you must work as a team so you can successfully complete the task. Friendships can be strengthened in online gaming environments. If you love watching heist movies, then you will certainly love playing Burgle Bros. You can play it on your Android and iOS mobile devices.

Dots and Boxes

Dots and Boxes is one of those turn-based games that is fun to play alone. However, playing it against an AI can be dull sometimes. That is why Dots and Boxes can be so compelling to play with a friend. This mobile game has transformed the classic game of connecting dots into a fascinating, paperless game. It includes local multiplayer capability so you can enjoy playing it with a friend. With its offline capabilities, you don’t need an internet connection to play this game. Consequently, if you can find a friend to play it with, then you can with some strangers online. Regardless, you can surely have a lot of fun since the human element is still there. Whether you have an Android or iOS device, you can install it for free.