The world of freemium content is now well-established. In fact, gone are the days when free mobile games were considered inferior to their premium counterparts. Today, thanks to various innovative mechanisms, content creators can give their products to consumers for free and still earn revenue. The most commonly used mechanism is advertising. Creators will allow users to download and play a game for free but, every so often, they’ll need to watch an advert or tap a pop-up.

Finding Ways to Provide Free Content

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Another commonly used mechanism in the freemium mobile games space is microtransactions. As noted by Apple, freemium games “allow players to download and play” at “no extra cost” while offering “in-app purchases to supplement their experience.” Basically, the act of purchasing character upgrades or extra time contributes to the developer’s revenue stream.

Gaming companies and providers can also generate income through something known as wagering requirements. This mechanism is typically used within online casino gaming. A wagering requirement is, in simple terms, a betting target someone has to hit before they can release any free prize money they’ve won. Let’s say someone claims a no deposit free spins bonus from an online casino. They get to play a slot game, such as Book of Dead, ten times (i.e. ten spins) without paying. These spins give the player a chance to win cash prizes.

So, in this regard, it’s a free gaming experience with the added bonus of being able to win prizes (not guaranteed). However, these offers fit into the freemium model because the player has to deposit a certain amount to unlock their winnings. Some no deposit bonuses also require players to stake a certain amount before they can withdraw their prizes. This wagering requirement doesn’t apply in all instances, but the point here is that you can play mobile casino games and have the chance to win cash prizes without paying.

The Top Three Free Mobile Games You Can Play Today

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All of this means that mobile gaming is diverse and full of high-quality options. A lot of these options don’t cost anything to play. Not paying is no longer a bad thing. There are some benefits to paying for content, but we won’t get into those. We’ve given you the basics of freemium content and how the market has evolved to incorporate all types of games. The only left to do is leave you with a few of the best free mobile games on the market right now…

1. Alto’s Odyssey

Not all mobile games have to have complex game dynamics and tons of features. Alto’s Odyssey is, on the surface, a simple game. All you have to do is ski down a hill, avoid obstacles, and complete jumps. That’s it. However, as simple as these dynamics are, it’s hugely enjoyable. Then, when you throw in some stunning backdrops and a non-obtrusive upgrades system, you’ve got a freemium game that wins on multiple levels.

2. Genshin Impact

If you want an RPG/gacha game with slick graphics, a solid storyline, and a fairly innocuous in-app purchase system, Genshin Impact is ideal. What’s neat about this RPG, aside from the fact it’s free, is the open-world system. The free-to-roam map is not only filled with surprises but big enough to keep you entertained for hours.

3. Legends of Runeterra

If card games such as Hearthstone are your thing, you have to try Legends of Runeterra. Developed by Riot Games, this collectable card game requires you to build a deck and battle other players in a quest for supremacy. For a free mobile game that combines action, tactics, and strategy, Legends of Runeterra is fantastic.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go Freemium

Those are three of the top free mobile games on the market right now but, as we said at the start of this article, the market for freemium content is buzzing right now. With content creators finding all manner of ways to give consumers something for nothing and still generate revenue, there are plenty of options out there. So, if our three picks don’t pique your interest, go out and explore what the market has to offer and we’re sure you’ll find more than a game or two you like.