If you were to ask any Indian what the national sport is, a majority of them would say cricket. It’s a sport that's enjoyed passionately all over the country - from the major cities to the small villages.

It’s this popularity that has seen a rise in the number of different leagues. These include the creation of the IPL (or Indian Premier League), The Big Bash League, and more. Don't forget the prestigious tournaments that the Indian Cricket team plays in such as the Cricket World Cup!

Along with the rise in popularity of these tournaments comes the rise of cricket betting. In this article, we’re going to cover a few of the reasons why the online betting aspect of cricket has taken off in India.

It's a safe option to place bets

Gambling legislation is very tight in India. Many forms of gambling are completely illegal, leading to an increase in illegal bookmakers. These shady gambling shops are rife with fraud since there is no legal backing behind them paying out winnings. Offenders who get caught placing bets are also at risk of breaking the law.

This has caused many Indian punters who want to gamble on their favorite teams to seek out online bookmakers. Since there are no written laws against online gambling in India, this has become one of the safest avenues to place bets.

Easy to access and very convenient

Indian punters who want to place a bet can do so incredibly easily. All they have to do is log on to the relevant site or open their gambling app and they’re set. They have a world of different cricket markets to bet on right at their fingertips.

All that is needed is an Internet connection. Bettors can be in the comfort of their own homes whilst they make their bets and show support for their team.

The increasing number of Internet users

One of the biggest factors in the rise of online cricket betting in India is the infrastructure of the Internet. The country is developing fast in terms of getting most of its citizens online. This surge in Internet users is allowing more cricket fans access to these sites, which in turn is increasing the number of people placing bets.

At the current rate of growth, India is seeing around 200 million more Internet users every year. This staggering rate of growth can only mean good things!

iGaming is on the up

The popularity of iGaming and online betting in India is rising with the number of people getting access to smartphones. With more than 700 million people who have access to smartphones, this could catch the attention of big brand names in the betting industry.

At the moment, India is taking baby steps in making relationships with different betting brands. The process has been quite slow so far, but it’s only due to blossom in the near future.

More quality betting sites

Picking a quality site or bookmaker to bet on is important no matter where you are in the world. Punters need access to competitive odds and ample markets in big leagues such as the Indian Premier League. You also have many other important factors such as the security of the site or a lucrative welcome offer.

The industry is only going to get more competitive as more sites pop up for Indian punters to place their bets on. This means better quality sites, better offers, and more markets as they all try to outdo each other. All bonuses for the punter!

It gives bettors a chance to show off

As cricket is so popular in India, managing to win a bet allows the fans to show off their knowledge of the beloved sport to others. There are many critical things you have to know when placing your bets on a cricket match. It’s a sport where little things such as playing conditions can totally change a result.

Online cricket betting sites basically give punters free rein to show off their cricket knowledge prowess. The extra bonus is that these cricket aficionados get to earn a bit of money as they show off!


Just as the British love football and Americans love basketball, India loves cricket. This is leading to the demand for the complete legalization of cricket betting in India by the fans. With other big countries starting to legalize online gambling, the Indian government is starting to hear the people. They’re starting to realize the demand and see the potential of the industry.

It’s for this reason - and the ones listed above - that it’s likely that the market for online cricket betting is going to grow in India. With the industry still in its infancy and set to boom, it’s an exciting time to be a punter in India!

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