While fans still expect the sixth release in the series, which is currently just a rumour, the producers never sleep still and strive to implement new features in the massive multiplayer title celebrating everything your parents kept you away from – gambling, nudity, violence, and vices. Presuming you're still into the gangsta lifestyle and want to improve your balance while betting on different virtual markets, let's take you through this short article, finally resulting in a massive amount on your balance.

How to get free GTA Online chips

If you're looking for a big win, your bankroll has to be as strong as possible to endure the pressure. Thus, you need to have so many chips to Wheel and deal on your own. Luckily, there is a chance to claim up to 5.000 free spins in the Diamond Casino. All you need is a regular membership that costs no less than $500. For such a good trickster, this is a piece of cake.

Anyway, if this still won't cover your basic expenses, another chance to get a daily dose of 1.000 chips is just around the corner. Make sure to visit the Cashier Services booth daily, and your bankroll will be loaded automatically. Feels like you want to play casino games and spend real money? Reviews of the online casino real money Canada will show the best way.

Finally, try to buy a GTA Online Casino Penthouse and receive your well-deserved VIP status. Yes, it will take some time to accumulate cash, but this will increase the maximum number of available chips to be played to 50.000. Remember the programmers enforced a daily cap to prevent players from spending huge amounts of real money to support their virtual gambling activities.

Gta Online Diamonds

GTA Online Inside Track horse racing tips

Virtual horse racing is a niche with emerging popularity, so it comes as no surprise that you can find a GTA online Inside Track game offering this type of entertainment. Like cards weren't enough, this is a chance to score much bigger if your horse wins the run.

The rules are quite simple and identical to real-world betting: it is possible to place bets on a specific horse and take your winnings out if the race ends as expected. A simple bet including the maximum amount on the top horse can double your bankroll, and the routine is probably working.

One may think that horse with the highest odds is also the best betting opportunity, but in reality, that gambling option will not allow bettors to claim high prizes. We suggest refreshing the main menu a few times until the horse one comes up with even, while the second horse has odds of 5/1 or higher.

Inside Track

GTA Online Slot Machines

Making you feel like in a true Las Vegas establishment, the casino floor is jam-packed with slots machines of different themes and plots. Rockstar Games enthusiasts will recognize popular motifs from the GTA V world, including the Republican Space Rangers and the Impotent Rage.

Slot machines suit punters of all gambling experience levels, also offering a wide variety of betting opportunities. Depending on your bankroll, place bets starting from 5 all the way up to 500 chips and take the big win of a maximum of 5x the stake. Games come with a decent RTP of 98.70%, which surely beats lots you can find in virtual casinos.

As for the tricks on how to win sake, we can't really say anything but "good luck". Slots are generally free of any possible strategy, and their outcome is purely random. Still, after learning more about winning online slots, you'll realize that there are some games that, unlike other titles, can make money fast.

For example, the Deity of Sun slot grants the highest payouts compared to slots you can find in the hall. To start the machine filling your bankroll, try to match 3 symbols of any kind. Also, 1 or 2 Ankh symbols are equally able to produce something. Remember that the longer you play GTA casino, the better chance to empty your pockets, so gamble responsibly – even in this virtual environment.

Gta Online Slot Machine

GTA Online Lucky Wheel rewards

Located just around the Cashier Services on the casino floor, the Wheel provides a chance to claim daily rewards. Just like all other machines serving the same purpose, the Wheel offers random prizes, so you can receive not only free spins but also in-game cash, experience points, or the Paragon R sportscar displayed on the podium. On the other hand, if you have $905.000 and not into thrill and excitement, simply go to the GTA 5 store and purchase this vehicle.

Straightforward and free of any mind-breaking rules, the game requires GTA online players to step in every day and simply spin the Wheel of fortune. Along with other prizes, there is a vehicle discount on a randomly chosen dealership. To increase thrill and excitement, the game offers a Mystery Prize such as ammo, armor, snacks, Special Cargo, or 130+ unique vehicles.

Prior to the Diamond Casino Heist update, gamers on PC could use both characters on a single account to participate in this deal. After the Los Santos Summer Special was released, a new notification system was introduced informing interested gamers when the next spin will be available. Finally, a small tip from the authors – claim a vehicle immediately upon claiming because there is a hidden timer that can prevent you from taking it.

Gta Online Lucky Wheel


After generating and claiming casino chips, you can always try another game such as roulette, poker, or blackjack offered in the same gambling venue. Resourceful players can always visit the Casino Store and exchange virtual money for other goodies, including outfits that present your personality better than the default, or to decorate the already purchased Penthouse with pieces of artwork no one has ever seen before.

This will greatly improve your Grand Theft Auto 5 experience, also allowing you to learn some basic tricks that can help you in a landline or a virtual establishment – courtesy of the Diamond mode and new ways to enjoy the adventure.

Gamers who will be playing this interesting and lucrative option still have to remember this: it's all innocent fun when it comes to virtual funds because there is no option in the opposite direction and there is no conversion of chips to your respective currency transferable to a bank account or an e-wallet, so wager responsibly and learn how to play GTA if not already.

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