March 8 marked International Women's Day. The struggle of women has led her to the glorious position today, where they are equal to men in all capabilities.

Nigeria has produced several star female athletes who left their mark on national and international arenas. Today, we will look at some of the top women sportspersons from Nigeria who are remembered throughout history.

They are still legends among sport bet Zambia fans and inspire fantastic stories. Here are a few of them you should know about.

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Mary Onyali

Mary is one of the best sprinters to put Nigeria under the international spotlight. She won medals all across Africa during the 1980s and 90s. Her skills were unparalleled in the tracks, and she won many global titles.

A few of them were:

  • A bronze medal for her 4 x 100m relay team in Barcelona
  • A 100m bronze medal at the IAAF World Cup in Johannesburg
  • Won gold at London's IAAF World Cup for Africa

Mary was excellent at leading her teams to victory. Her individual career is humble in comparison, and she focuses on winning for her people.

Ruth Usoro

Ruth Usoro matches Mary Onyali in her support for her teammates. She could not hold her praise back for her peers who bagged medals at the World Championships for Nigeria 2022.

She is the second woman from Nigeria to represent the country in three leading championships:

  • World Championships in Eugene
  • World Indoor Championships
  • Commonwealth Games

She competed in Triple Jump and Long Jump in all but one event.

Ruth has a national record in Triple Jump. She also won her first National title in the event in 2022's NCAA Championships.

She also won a bronze medal in 2016 for Long Jump.

Tobiloba Amusan

Tobiloba is undoubtedly one of the top female athletes in Nigeria. She won the title of Africa's Best Female Athlete for 2022 from the Confederation of African Athletics (CAA).

Countless titles and medals led her to this recognition. She won the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham and set a world record in World Athletics Championships in Oregon in 2022.

She even surprised everyone by finishing the Women's 100m Hurdles in 12.12 seconds. Kendra Harrison, the prior record-setter, took 27 years to attain the feat.

Tobiloba, however, made that look like a simple task. Her skills on the track led her to win the Diamond League trophy two times in a row.

Favour Oflili

Favour is one of the most experienced athletes in Nigeria. She has already run in nine sub-23s in the 200m indoor event. Moreover, she participated in 66 races across all categories in 2022.

Nigeria has very few athletes like Favour. She made a record in almost all the races she joined in the sub-23s indoors. Her record of 22.46 seconds is a great achievement over the previous 22.80 seconds.

Favour was also the first woman in Nigeria to set a National record for 2022's 200m outdoor sub-22s.

Final Thoughts

Can you think of other Nigerian female athletes who deserve mention? We would love to hear in the comments.