Studies have shown that the gaming market is projected to experience a CAGR of 8.5% between 2021 and 2026. This projection can be attributed to the growing popularity of online gaming in the region. Research has also revealed that many online casinos are coming up in the region. For instance, SAClub7 is an emerging online casino in Asia that offers top-quality services like games and promotions with tight measures applied to insure the privacy and security of the users.

South East Asian Gamers
South East Asia is witnessing a boom in its number of gamers and esports.

So, what are the trends and predictions inspiring the growth of the gaming market in South East Asia? 

Research has shown that several factors have played a critical role in the growth of the gaming sector in the region. Some of the notable factors, according to research, are:

Improved Infrastructure

Experts in the South-Eastern Asia gaming market have found that improved infrastructure is a crucial driver of the gaming sector. For example, they expected the 5G technology that was rolled out massively in 2020 to improve the wireless infrastructure in the region. 

In this sense, the industry experts argue that the availability of a 5G network will boost the industry in the region. The network will improve the online gaming experience hence attract more gamers. It will also enable online gaming operators to improve their cloud gaming offers. 

Rise in Popularity of eSports

Studies have also shown that the rise of eSports has also played a massive role in boosting the gaming sector in the region. The region has produced some global stars in eSports tournaments, making it very popular in the region. 

Moreover, the eSports tournaments have attracted an enormous viewership globally. This viewership has turned eSports into an essential income-generating activity. Research has revealed that the increased viewership has opened up opportunities for gamers in countries like Malaysia, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

League Of Legends World Championship
More and more esports tournaments are being held in South East Asian countries.

Gaming As a Social Activity

Recent health related world events changed human life dramatically. For example, lockdowns and social distancing requirements to curb the spread of the virus affected social life. In fact, medical experts warned that many people were undergoing depression during this period. 

Fortunately, gaming offered an excellent form of escapism during this challenging period. Developers offer their clients games that allow players to remain connected with their family and friends. For example, the games come with multiplayer and group chat capabilities allowing players to interact with each other. 

The social aspect of gaming also fuelled the growth of the industry in the region. Moreover, experts suggest that this trend is set to continue in the foreseeable future. 

Mobile Gaming

Statistics suggest that the number of mobile online gamers in South East Asia will hit the 250 million mark. Additionally, studies also claim that free-to-play games will play a vital role in the growth of mobile gaming in the region. 

Another key factor driving the growth of mobile gaming is hyper-casual games. Research shows that these types of games have influenced the growth of the industry. For instance, it was revealed that 55% of mobile gamers are aged 55 and above. Additionally, these gamers prefer hyper-casual games as they don’t need a lot of skill to play. 

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