People continuously play games based on different motivating factors. Apart from the intention to compete with others, one of the major motivating factors for playing games is to earn. In this light, the gaming industry has advanced to the point where players can earn in digital cash - crypto. Not all online gaming platforms pay gamers in for their commitment, and effort while having fun.

Some of the play-to-earn games require a token as a sign-up fee before you can play and earn. While a few are free to play just like scratch cards. Where to find free scratch cards with no deposit bonus? Read the article. Before we dig deeper, let’s find out the meaning of play to earn crypto games.

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What Really Are Play to Earn Crypto Games?

P2E is the acronym for play to earn. So, play to earn crypto games is online games that are entirely different from traditional video & xbox games in terms of activities and rewards. As the name implies, play to earn crypto games are games that you engage in and earn from. The earning is in cryptocurrency form, and you can either transfer the crypto to your wallet or use it to purchase in-game accessories. The benefit that the P2E crypto gaming platform promises is driving huge growth and adoption. Explore the Top crypto game dApps based on user count, balance and volume.

Now, in no particular order, let’s talk about the best play to earn crypto games this season;


Date released: October 2021

Native token: $WARS

Here is one of the P2E games leveraging blockchain technology to offer an impressive gaming experience. As a space-adventure-themed game, the player embarks on a journey to defend the universe against destruction from intruders and enemies. In this game, players assume the role of a pilot in a 50th-century space war. Gamers will combat destructive pirates to change the galaxy and earn rewards in this act. This play to earn game allows players to catch complete fun, earn NFTs, and exchange tokens with other players to make a profit.

Gods Unchained

Date released: July 2018

Token: GODS

Gods Unchained is an Ethereum blockchain-based game that has unquestionable graphics and interface. This is a tactical card game that offers true ownership of in-game items to players. The P2E game is different from other existing card games in the crypto gaming marketplace. The gameplay is quite easy to understand as one player can battle with another – the winner must have the best card arrangement on his/her deck. So, how do you get the best cards arranged on your deck? This is the fun part. To become a God's Unchained crypto game player, no financial commitment is expected instead you’ll have to study a quick guide. After studying, you get the chance to open a free account.

The Sandbox

Date released: November 2021

Token: SAND

The Sandbox play to earn crypto game has its metaverse where players can design characters and objects that can be exported and exchanged as NFT. Any player who has an eye for simple creativity will find this game quite interesting. One of the unique selling prepositions of the Sandbox blockchain game is the right to content created. After creating and designing different characters, in-game objects, etc, the player has the full right of ownership, not the game publisher or developer.

As much as online gamers love to own their craft, the right to own your content is a “catch”. Gamers can buy in-game accessories, and avatars, build virtual castles and buy land using the in-game currency – SAND. When a player intends to leave the Sandbox game, he/she can make real money by selling gaming assets in the marketplace.

Axie Infinity

Date released: March 2018

Token: AXS

Axie Infinity appears to be one of the oldest & most played crypto games. It is a monster-combating game, and the monsters are known as “AXIES” This gameplay has two modes, adventure, and PvP, and the player mostly combats against computer controlled Axie team or a real-life opponent online. Based on the model of Axxie Infinity, the reward system is straightforward; players get rewarded for logging in daily and completing various adventures.

Final Thoughts

For a crypto enthusiast, the P2E games will be a great deal and an addition to fun. If you are not careful, playing online games and cashing out could be your new addiction – only if it’s not already. However, if you are looking to make passive income, then consider playing one or more of the P2E games we have listed in this post. Happy earning!