The latest technology firm that is creating headlines, is Block SQ, who were once known as Square. Down by 42% since their highest peak value of $281 last August, there are many compelling reasons as to why this may be a safe and strategic investment for now. Many believe the shift in branding is the reason why stocks dwindled recently. As the firm continues to sink lower, it is believed behind the veil of uncertainty lies the biggest potential of growth. The $75.5 billion fintech industry has grown beyond the days of when they first began globally publicly trading. 


With the fast evolution of most tech start-ups and entities, many gambling casino sites are moving towards a blockchain future too. CSGO Crash Gambling is the next craze within the market, as it combines the outlet of gambling with the capacity of the blockchain technology in its corner. It makes complete and every sense as to why all tech outlets are moving towards blockchain, and why it should not be of large surprise anymore. 

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Block Stock and the Broadened Horizon 

Block Stock, proposed a $29 billion stock offer in acquiring BNPL within Australia, also known as Afterpay. Not only are the firm's wishes of dipping their interests in multiple waters a strategically smart move, but it will also make payments more lucrative when concerning a connection towards blockchain. 


While Block Stock could have created their own payment operations from scratch, many are already on the market, including PayPal being the most recent to offer such a service to their customers. Acquiring an entity with an existing footing in the market has better proof of success within the long term. The Buy Now Pay Later has undeniably become one of the biggest successes of 2021. As it is believed that payments on buyers own terms, often makes consumers more likely to purchase beyond their means-meaning more profit margins are inevitable.


The talk of concern of how economically viable interest free instalments for the time being, is very much a discussed topic for all BNPL schemes. However, the new insight given by the initiative that Block Stock wishes to integrate within their services, especially when involving blockchain technology will certainly be the first of its kind. Making the discussion of high risk and high reward schemes, a very vague topic that is open for discussion. Block Stock seeks to push the boundaries of payment services, using a technology that has proved a success in all sectors of the economy and business up until now.

What is Next for Block Stock?

The biggest story that Block Stock seeks to take on for 2022, is the exploration of Blockchain on an even bigger scale. Dorsey’s plans are super ambiguous and being that he is inspired by cryptocurrencies that have large market caps at the moment, such as Bitcoin, he is intrigued to grow his own technology in what is still seen as the enterprise and discovering what blockchain can really offer. 


Dorsey has made it very clear that the decentralised finance will be their growth opening that will gear excitement for the runway that is blockchain. Being on the right side of the current trend of cryptocurrency, is super important for Block Stock, to ensure they see capital gains. The step forward on the blockchain market, in addition to open discussion, has also taken a positive effect on the stock value for Wall Street. Should the downside risks not be too much of a problem in the coming months and first to second quarter of this year, Block Stock will very much be the best potential and popular kid on the blockchain block.

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