Open-world games are extremely engaging and interactive. They are ambitious projects that provide a sandbox experience that basically gives players a lot of freedom within the in-game world. Almost all of the major releases are open-world games that don’t fully focus on the main narrative but rather create this vast virtual environment where players can have a unique experience. It’s more immersive because players decide what happens in these open-world instances and get to develop their characters the way they see fit.

Since open-world games are basically theme parks with lots of fun mini-games and side quests it’s quite common to see gambling as one of the available activities. We often see poker mini-games or another completely new card game like Gwent in The Witcher. Some titles even feature a full in-game casino that has a content selection similar to $1 deposit casino NZ platforms that are available online. This means you can play slots, blackjack, roulette, and baccarat and even win the in-game currency. These are actually important features, and gambling mechanics are very important to open-world games in general. Now, let’s talk about why it is so.

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Opening Up New Possibilities to Beat the Game

You might think that gambling in video games serves no purpose unless you are making a video game about casinos. But you would be wrong. In fact, these features add much to replay value and can significantly alter the experience in some cases. For example, early Pokemon titles had a casino in the early or mid part of the game. This allowed players to get a new Pokemon that wasn’t available in the wild at that stage.

Admittedly they could just grind until they had enough money, but with that logic why not simply progress the game until you reach the point where it is available. The slot games were a unique mechanic that allowed players to get early access to that content if they got lucky. The developers decided to remove it because the new PEGI criteria categorize those games as 18+ which makes marketing to kids problematic. Parents simply don’t like the idea of gambling in games that are meant for toddlers, and there is no arguing about that.

Sense of Prestige

In the online game GTA, virtual gambling parlors are more fleshed out. They look like a casino in the USA and give almost an identical experience to an online casino. Here you can find all sorts of unique prizes in the form of rare vehicles and formulas. In fact, the only way to get these assets is to play at this virtual casino. In other words, not many players will have these assets and they will definitely look cool on those who have simply because of their exclusivity.

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In fact, this is why many MMO RPGs like World of Warcraft have thousands of rare drops in form of mounts or unique-looking equipment. Basically, a small percentage of the player base will have these special cosmetic items because they got lucky. Moreover, it is a fair way to give access to these rare goods because they don’t favor those who are better at the game, they are simply awarded through luck. That being said, there are plenty of other drops that look amazing and are not that hard to get. This is also important because players love to have goals they can achieve through hard work and dedication, rather than solely relying on luck.

How Online Casinos Borrow from Video Games

Open-world games can be more entertaining by adding gambling activities, but casino games can also be more entertaining by adding more skill-based features. Typically gamblers don’t expect this type of content in this platform but we have seen that younger players are interested in some new slots. These new casino slots often have a bonus round that features a skill-based mini-game. Moreover, you might come across a casino in UK, or in the US, that has luck-based arcades. These include first-person-shooter experiences where mobs have a rare chance to drop a big cash prize for example. Meaning someone put the RNG calculator from slots into a game where you shoot your enemies.

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