The 2021 MLB is well and truly underway and there have already been loads of incredible action. Joe Musgrove recorded the first no-hitter game ever in the history of his team the San Diego Padres. This happened during the side’s impressive win over the Texas Rangers.

It was only Musgrove’s second start for San Diego ever. The game is a great example of how a player can become a star within a single match.

2021 Mlb

The opening games of the MLB have also showcased. Fantasy Baseball leagues and competitions echo the statistics list based on match day performances. Just as players go up and down in the rankings, so too do their scores in fantasy play. Fantasy league players need to distinguish between major stars and the players who might hit their stride in later rounds.

So far in the American League, Boston, Minnesota, and L.A. Angels are setting the pace. A big part of the Boston Red Sox’s early success has been a career renaissance from J.D. Martinez. Martinez recently struck 3 home runs, a serious blessing for anyone who had him in their fantasy team. This was strong evidence of how baseball can always surprise.

In the National League, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, the L.A. Dodgers are the teams making early headway.

To play fantasy baseball competitively, you need to constantly keep up to date with what’s going on in the MLB. But who are the best picks to take note of right now?

The following is a selection of the players widely tipped to make a big impression on upcoming games.

Best Picks for the Season

As well as keeping tabs on all the latest news and results, people taking part in fantasy league competitions are advised to check out the top rankings. Experts and authorities on the game provide regularly updated rankings on the top players in the MLB.

Studying these lists offers a great way to find the right players to bring in when you have a transfer window. If the player is not too high up on the list, they might offer a valuable surprise. Players in the MLB can often play well above their expectations, which as we’ve seen with Martinez, can change the course of a game dramatically.

Mlb Predictions

First off here are the big hitters that many expect to have an impact on the overall MLB standings.

Juan Soto is listed high on many cheat sheets and the Washington Nationals big hitter did not disappoint on opening day. He struck down the middle to close the game 6-5 against the Atlanta Braves for an impressive win.

Ronnie Acuna of the Braves is also a popular choice for fantasy team owners. This is no surprise given his strong potential for stolen bases and points scored. Indeed, he hit big in that opening match, scoring four home runs from the Nationals’ pitcher Max Scherzer.

Players Who Could Surprise

A key part of successful Fantasy League play is picking players who might play better than expected.

The Padres outfielder Jurickson Profar is a playmaker who can potentially bring significant influence. Recently starring in San Diego’s 7-4 victory over the Texas Rangers, the 28-year-old is a player to look out for.

Ryan Yarbrough from the Tampa Bay Rays is another player who showcases the capacity for baseball to surprise. Consistently underrated, the pitcher produced a series of fine recent displays outlining his potential to shock.

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Rafael Devers Mlb 2021

Another highly tipped player for fantasy league players to be aware of is Rafael Devers. The third baseman for the Red Sox has been in scorching form recently. Indeed, he scored four hits, two homers, four runs batted in, and three runs scored in his last two games.

A top selection for a ‘sleeper’ player who could break out and accrue valuable points for a fantasy team is Andrew Vaughan of the Chicago White Sox. The 22-year-old Vaughan has a good chance of making it into the first team. When he plays, he can add points either as a strong-hitting and safe man on first and third base. His batting skill is likely to make an impact at some stage and is sure to add points to any fantasy team he’s picked in.

Another all-rounder who could make a big impact if picked is Cristian Pache of the Atlanta Braves. The defensive utility player is a good bet to take for players looking for consistency and good value. When he gets playing time, he is sure to contribute to the figures nicely.

Succeeding at Fantasy baseball means staying up to date with all the information and the data. But as well as this, it’s also the fantasy players who take a few risks that can win big.

After all, if you’re team is the same as everyone else’s week in, week out, it won’t make the same impression as when you have a surprise element. Figuring out when to bring in an underrated player can make all the defense.

It’s these elements of surprise that make baseball such as great sport to play a fantasy contest in.

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