The netizens have got familiar with beautiful streamers creating all kinds of shocking and offensive content in a bid to draw more attention from the viewers. However, a female streamer in China has recently made the netizens very angry so that many asserted that they would boycott her on all social networks.


To get more specific, after she received a huge cash donation of over Rs6 lakh from an unknown rich man, this streamer didn’t hesitate to do lots of offensive actions such as changing her clothes directly on her live stream. Even she was willing to boast about her underwear as required.

It is said that this streamer was just a newbie in the streaming community and her real identity hasn’t been revealed yet. She appeared in a sexy clothes on a live stream and started to change lots of various clothes as required by donators.

Panda Tv Anchor

Accordingly, although the live stream didn’t last long, the female streamer changed up to 4 clothes that were very sexy and showed off her physical beauty to the viewers.

However, things just went to the climax after she started to check her account and complain that she didn’t earn enough donations to reach the KPI. It’s also the time a mysterious rich man appeared. He suddenly sent her more than Rs6 lakh along with a simple message saying that she should start do the craziest things ever.


It seemed that money has a huge power to change everything. After reading the message, the female streamer apparently changed completely. She didn’t just changed her clothes on her live stream but she also showed off her panties and lingerie offensively.

Streamer 1

It’s not surprising that her channel rapidly turned off within a few seconds. Accordingly, she also changed her private account to avoid the attacks from the netizens.

However, that’s not enough for the netizens to relieve anger. Many felt unacceptable and offended, and even require the platforms to set up strict censorship processes and severe penalties to prevent similar incidents.

Streamer 2

Streamer Offensive

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