Indiefox is one of the most viral names on Twitch over the past months. The sexy streamer has taken cyberspace by storm with her stunning appearance as well as her bold adult contents. Although being popular on Twitch, the hot streamer is also in the limelight from times to times for being too sexy on live stream. In fact, the unlucky streamer has been banned from the platforms 3 times within just a month. Keep scrolling down to see more details!

Indiefoxx Hot Sexy

Finding her name quite familiar? You might have heard about the Twitch streamer to stir the internet for writing donator’s names on her body! In fact, she received a ban from Twitch moderator after that. However, it wasn’t the first time the stunner was in trouble with Twitch.

Making her debut on Twitch in 2017, Indiefox (whose real name is Jenelle Dagres) has an average fanbase with more than 200,000 followers and 3,000 hours of stream. However, as her stunning appearance is not enough to make her stand out from many other sexy streamers on Twitch, she decided to take a bold step with a pool side stream earlier this year. The streamer was seen in a tiny bikini, striking some intimate poses on stream. It didn’t take Twitch moderator a long time to apply a temporary ban on her which is no surprise for anyone.

Indiefoxx Sexy

However, it seems like the ban cannot stop the sexy streamer from creating bold and sexual content on her channel. At the end of January, the streamer was in the headlines again for writing the name of her views on her body. She was seen in a white lingerie with several names written on her arms, legs and even chest. Although the live stream successfully boosted her number of viewers and followers, the inevitable ban came in just a few hours after that.

Although each ban takes effect in only a few days, it seems like Indiefoxx is facing a serious problem as Twitch also keeps track of all the ban an user has received. This could make a negative influencer for her channel in the long term.

At the moment, the streamer has yet to give any response to the third ban she received this year. Check out more stunning photos of the sexy streamers right below!

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